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  1. Alright lads I'm just wondering weather you could help me out I'm after a locator if anyone is selling one could you pm me preferred really I need of one cheers lads
  2. Is bellman still for sale pal
  3. Is there anyone with a bellman and flint set up for sale pm me if you have got one cheers lads
  4. Does anyone use red mills tracker what do you think of it and is it any good for pups
  5. Just wondered do many of you terrier lads go ratting at night with a lamp is it a good crack
  6. Just started feeding my lurcher pup on barf diet but I just wanted to know roughly how much I should be feeding Daily I've never fed raw meet before always used a complete working dog food so if you lurcher lads could help me abit cheers
  7. Sound advice I've never fed my dogs on just meat but with what you lads have said I think I'll be trying it do you boil the meat up or just chop it up and feed it raw ?
  8. Just wanted to find out if any of you lurcher lads use wafcol and do you soak it in water and if you don't use it what feed do you give
  9. The best mite treatment I've ever used was duramitex but they stop selling off the shelf but you can still get it off ebay if not got to feed shop and ask for harkermitex does the same job put about quater bottle in to a bucket of loot warm water and dunk the hole bird in to solution then leave to dry then spray the cabin with the same stuff you shouldn't have a problem with mite anymore hope this info helps
  10. Cheers for that info very helpful yeah I would be flushing to guns so I will be ok to hunt with one cheer atb
  11. This maybe a stupid question but could you hunt small patches of woodland and rough land with only one hound any help much appreciated cheers lads
  12. To all you lurcher lads I'm after a little rabbiting dog for my daughter doesn't have to be working yet I want to be able to bring it on with my daughter could anyone help I'm in the north west it would be much appreciated cheers
  13. To expensive it's a joke pal and all hunting dogs need a lot of hardwork and attention not just hounds I should know this as I have a couple of good working dogs myself and they certainly didn't cost £500 so good look to you I hope they all sell for that amount but I very much doubt it thanks anyway
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