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  1. Recently fitted bespoke 4 compartment quad bike terrier box and front storage locker. http://www.animaltransitboxes.com/terrier_boxes.html
  2. Sorry for the dely in replying. You can use a shaped pipe fitting that fits around the frame of the bike and bolts on to the box. Will try and find a photo for you. Regards Carl
  3. We have been looking into recycling pallets we have our material delivered on.
  4. New Products added to our website http://www.animaltransitboxes.com/terrier_boxes.html All the best Carl @ Animal Transit Boxes Ltd
  5. Single Compartment Dog Transit Box from £295.00 Double Copmartment Dog Transit Boxes from £450.00 Pick-Up Systems from £1750.00 Our website is www.animaltransitboxes.com Kind Regards Carl @ Animal Transit Boxes Ltd
  6. A couple of photo's show a few recent vehicles we have fitted out over the last couple of months. Feel free to take a look at our website www.animaltransitboxes.com Regards Carl @ Animal Transit Boxes Ltd
  7. Double side opening quad bike terrier box fitted to the front rack of a Honda Foreman.
  8. Thanks Mate, If you could send me a photo of it in your landrover please. Carl
  9. Few recent terrier boxes sent out to customers over the past few months. http://www.animaltransitboxes.com/terrier_boxes.html
  10. We are pleased to be sponsoring The Countryman's Weekly Champion of Champions at the West Midland Game Fair on the 20th September. As The Midland Game is fast approching anyone wishing to pre-order any of our products to collect at the show on Sunday 20th can contact us on 07921 862556 or via email at info@animaltransitboxes.com We look forward to seeing you there!!
  11. We're going for the 1st time this year. Seems quite a lot of people where talking about going at the terrier show we attended yesterday.
  12. Look forward to seeing you there. er're hoping to have some different boxes on show!!! :-)
  13. Thank you to everyone that has liked the page.
  14. Used to post in the falconry forum on this site but its rarely used. Pointers, Peregrines and hunting Game is my passion. I have not meant to coarse any offence by posting my products to this forum I like t think I am providing a service. Anyway heres a few photo's of my peregrine and pointer Tallywhacer. All the very best Carl Cheshire www.animaltransitboxes.com
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