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  1. Shadow is that thebitch jimmy sweeny has now the match bitch was gave to t toal from lugan
  2. Some chest on the black pup mick atb with them
  3. The dam to the pups is bred of nell she was of a match bitch martin quinn owend x king john morrsion owned the sire was a dog called fien he was of joe x hooker joe was mazie x delboy hooker was miles x p eillots binlden bitch and the sire to the pups is lucas hes huck x darky king would be lucas granda bet of line breeding in there
  4. She is of gink an hes of hunk x irish fly not sure of the dam
  5. Good chance it is shadow was it a dog or bitch u sold
  6. Fella bred from whitemanx cathy from old philp king breeding not sure how white man bred
  7. Run very well on that hard ground id say he would have killed that quicker if ground was right
  8. Great day lads fairplay to yas good result
  9. Martin quinn had a bitch of that litter called fly i think very good bitch
  10. Good gob boys use got them right and they run well for yas good dog men
  11. Do alright gerry black dog first outing yesterday killed one he had stoppers removed young dog coming on well and iv a pup at 7mth crazy little thing u still got the same number ill give ya a ring
  12. Well gerry long time mate thems nice pups there all the best with them hows the parents getting on
  13. They were a bit jumpy in one place wee went to think its the gun men to other spots we were on they sat good enough
  14. Yeah first light there ready to go and on thete toes
  15. Fair play fens great style to him hope ya have a good season with him
  16. Is he a 5 hare dog fen hard enough killing three heart of winter to take 5 would be some going wats his best day out
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