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  1. Was down with the lads the weekend max dog is one nice stamp of a dog every way seen peters pup of max a nice pup I'd say he going to be a fast one we will hear a lot more of max pups in the future atvb
  2. Lads it's not about lazy the man said less time for dogs with work I use one find it top notch and out with dogs as much as any one mine is 3 dog one 3 speeds if it suits u get one are u near Leeds atvb
  3. Out today hares flying test any dog
  4. Not much of a tip Morton lol atvb
  5. U got the hang of that camcorder quick great clips and a better bitch fair play big lad atvb
  6. Any tips for one that whines all the time a mate has one never stops 12 months old
  7. Nice pair to go together atvb with every thing mate
  8. Have a good time in England jimmy atvb
  9. Should be more top pups for the future nice ones atvb sailor an jimmy
  10. Hope to start bitch back this week of 5 weeks having done much with the 13 month old bitch yet atvb bb
  11. Two nice ones atvb with ur breeding mate
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