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  1. I've wound the AO all the way from 10 yards to past 200 and the only setting i can can a focus at is 200 yards. At any combination other than 4x and 200 yards on the AO the target image is blurry.
  2. Got a new scope today, an AGS cobalt AO,focused the reticle then tried to zero it. At 25 yards I can only get a clear image at 4X magnification with the AO set to 200 yards! Any change of mag and I lose focus. Have I bought a crock, or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Morgham

    Buying A Dive Bottle

    I reckon it's worth paying the extra for a diving shop to fill it. The air from a dive shop will be filtered and also dry, a home compressor could have oil vapour and moisture in the fill. We all spend a fortune on our rifles, choose the best pellets and put the time and effort in to practice, so why compromise the gun and performance using below standard air that could potentially damage the gun? Just my thoughts, others may not agree.
  4. Morgham

    Do It All Rifle

    Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. I've been shooting an Axsor Gemini .177 with a pretty basic 3-9x40 scope. Depending on the trade in I could get for that would really depend on the upward budget but I was looking around the £500 range for the combo, hopefully getting a decent trade in would lessen the blow. I've already got the charging kit so at least that is one less thing to worry about. I'd had a look at the Ultra SE Tactical and must admit it seems very nice. My concern was having a rifle that would be usuable for ratting in farm sheds but also be good for bunnies out to about 35 yards, would a .177 just travel through rats? In the past i've owned a few HW springers all in .22 and appreciate that each calibre has it's merits. Ideally I'd have 2 guns but I'm not sure that'd go down well with the management!
  5. Morgham

    Do It All Rifle

    I've had a quick look through the forum search and couldn't find anything, so apologies if this has been covered before. I'm in the market for a new rifle, but with funds tight I'm keen to try and cover all my shooting with one gun. What calibre, PCP or springer and which scope. Looking forward to people's views on this.
  6. Morgham

    How to Build a Larsen Trap

    This is ideal, just what I have been looking for! We have 6 or 7 magpies that regularly visit our's and our neighbours gardens and last year they cleaned out more than 10 songbird nests of either eggs. Aiming to keep them at bay over winter and early spring and this looks just the job!
  7. Morgham

    Next Step; Rat Gun.

    I've been considering a ratting/close range gun for use at home. I currently use a .177 Axsor gemini and I'm a bit worried about over penetration at close range. Would a .25 be overkill, or would I be better off getting a .22 and using a heavier pellet something like a JSB exact jumbo? Maximum range will be about 20 metres.
  8. Morgham

    New Member

    Hi, New to the forum so thought I better introduce myself. I've been out of hunting/ shooting in general for about 7 years, recently got a second hand .177 Axsor gemini and after a few months of getting used to it in the bak garden I'm about to to out and start helping with some pest control on a friends farm. I live in the Tamar valley on the Devon and Cornwall border and I'm looking at doing some HFT next summer. Looking forward to picking up somehelp and advice from the forum. Cheers