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  1. What gear am I going to need. Rod, reel and net. What type and strength of line? Braid or mono What type of reel? I like look and the way baitcaster works. 10'-12' rod. I've tried doing some research, but there's just too many contradicting answers. What do you lads use.
  2. His sister WAS a judge, she's brown bread now I believe
  3. irishnut


    Granary bread with thin sliced turnip, smokey bacon, and a melted cheddar on top. Brown sauce on top
  4. A rogue elephant will be killed by locals. No doubt about it. What the authorities do is sell the culling of the rogue. It seems to be the only solution which works. The money raised by the sale of the cull pays for rangers to do poaching patrols.
  5. Why are cats not microchipped. Dirty scranny huring things. They shite everywhere, and are 1000 times worse at straying
  6. Who the f**k in there right mind would stop for a picture with a 4 1/2" disc in their jaw.
  7. Don't make a whore a housewife. Don't shite on your own front door step. Don't gamble if you can't afford to lose.
  8. My ferrets all carry rape alarms and a flick knife
  9. They are a dangerous piece of kit. Plenty of details of the t-max and hi-lift online
  10. Probably £30 more for the hi-lift. Are you just looking it for jacking and winching?
  11. Blrc in Saintfield. 02897511763 Go for t-max 4' or hi-lift if your looking for toys to go with the jack
  12. It works best if you blow on his neck as you insert the finger
  13. Hi, I'm looking 2 poly spun 10 metre and 1 at 25 metres nets. Pm me anyone that makes them. PayPal payment.
  14. Don't see how anything 3/4 or full whippet won't catch rabbits and rats.
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