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  1. 14 months old , she is as game as you like , very clever and an unreal prey drive only used above ground
  2. 42 mate. I just don't want a dog that is capable of destroying the terriers mate
  3. Hi all , I had to have my bitch pts a while back My mrs has 2 x minature schnauzers so when I get another lurcher it has to be small as small as possible What is your advise only for a day dog rabbits rats etc Was thinking a small 3/4 whippet x 1/4 beddy What are your thoughts as small as possible with enough pace to catch a flushed rabbit Thanks John
  4. Dead baits are excellent mate use a roach or bream , i have heard eel section is a really good bait too
  5. I help run a syndicate in Essex so litter is not too much a problem because the members know its an instant ban. AS FOR LONDON Just take a look at what this goverment has allowed to live there and that will explain all
  6. not just us mate , the natives too
  7. I fill my Air Arms 410 to approx 180 bar the 1st and last few shots will be off
  8. My parents live near Almeria and you do need a licence to fish in the sea mate. I never get one though and always fish but the law states you are to have one
  9. linear fisheries they have a few top quality lakes there cafe showers toilets etc
  10. Have a look at the reviews here mate http://www.fishingmagic.com/review/reviewP...1/rgn/4/v/2/sp/
  11. Alright mate the best 2 man dome value for money i think is the Cypry dome about £ mate its massive
  12. fresh raw liver or Squid if your not able to use dead or live baits mate but if you want a chance to catch carp and cats use the halibut pellets at least 2 x 24mm on a hair
  13. Contact Angling Technics Name: Phil Fry Address: Telephone: +44(0)1666 575144 Fax: +44(0)1666 576300 Email: info@anglingtechnicsbaitboats.co.uk Wiltshire, SN16 9SH England
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