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  1. Cracking pups mate looking well wish you all the best
  2. no maybe it was them big fellows who kept talking
  3. well done mate don't look like you had a lot rain we had rain all day got soaked
  4. is this chase x mona pups your on about mate
  5. its a shame the public dont see the real side of where there donations are spent and wasted by the rspca the basterds
  6. went out with my two pups over fields where i live 2-3 inches of water over them held one bitch back left one lose dident see much so carried on to next field just as wet as others so took foot path back to lane where i live then out to my right side had a quick flash with lamp in horse paddocks and there where a few squaters in field so chucked dogs over ditch and put on lamp had one kill then called them back one came back with rabbit the other found an other run but lost it called her back and made me way home all the time i walked i couild here my old dog barking becuse i left him normal
  7. nice looking dogs mate good running as well
  8. looks like a cracking day out good view very nice
  9. lucky to find that many runs well done
  10. hi mate have dog and bitch for sale dog ruff coted / bitch smoth coted pm me
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