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  1. https://youtu.be/qQhi4I18hbM https://youtu.be/tqgH96uS75A
  2. Thanks sealy few going over of max to England and Scotland couple booked for over of max X candy all goes well thanks lad hearing good stuff of his pups few bitchs he went to so good signs so far let's hope winter is same that's when we know ??
  3. He 26 and half good length plenty speed and good jumper look forward winter with him and max ???
  4. young dog coming on well getting him ready for season ahead very happy with him max X peggy shaved him out
  5. Thanks pal there in great form won't be long now lad till winter look forward how's yours keeping lad all good
  6. Look forward to both of these this winter in great form thank god
  7. young pup of max above 12 months old seen noting will be ready for winter end middle September strong pup very fast look forward see how he goes
  8. young dog just gone 12 months max X fella bred bitch max 2 of his pups mine and billy bitch
  9. real nice pups Eric credit to ya lad fair play
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