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    plesase could a moderater help i have forgot my pass word and no longer have the email to it i have set my name up again on here but it wont let me donate please could u get my old profile back with my pass word if possible thanks jo54
  3. iam after a 50 penced bird aviary as anyone got a link for one or were I can get one thanks
  4. jo54

    The Fight

    if u cant see maywheater made him look like a novice you are blind
  5. jo54

    The Fight

    and me ,,,,,,,,,,just
  6. ant seen about for a while buddy indain game put a wonted add up on bird trader or if he still selling there breeder in covenrty call chris Johnson he as all the breeds you ca think of
  7. the shit some peolpe put on here is unreal
  8. haye wonts fury only one winner there i say
  9. because its a brazalin shamo stag from a line back in brazil mother came from inport eggs .......................dierect
  10. not bad lookers mate in good nick asweel all the best with the sale pal
  11. not all mate if iam honest but anuff like
  12. no collected him in it pal
  13. nasser sarb brazlian shamo x int aseel
  14. one of my pure int aseels
  15. one of my this years stags 7 months
  16. hear hes going on x factor
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