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  1. hughes_jh

    Wanted PCP rifle

    Done deal! Hope you like the Ultra and get as much enjoyment out of it as I did
  2. hughes_jh

    Wanted PCP rifle

    Still looking chaps Hi Mate, Drop me a line, I have the perfect gun for you. BSA Ultra Multishot .22, mint condition and comes with a cracking pedigree. I'm in the midlands too. PM for contact details. John
  3. hughes_jh

    lap top tv

    Is this the HD version? I've been look for a USB Stick TV Receiver...
  4. hughes_jh

    flat flight

    Not really though, theoretically it should be irrelevant as we know the pellet size and we know the muzzle velocity. everything else is pretty constant regardless of the rifle/pellet. However, I will concede that accuracy IS something that will vary due to rifle and pellet selection, but thats not what the OP is asking.
  5. hughes_jh

    Reloading an ultra

    Do this sequence...... 1 release the bolt by pressing the little lever on the right 2 cock the gun by pressing the big knob on the front 3 reload a new pellet by pushing the big bolt at the back 4 shoot rabbits in the head by pulling the little trigger at the bottom 5 eat the aforementioned rabbit in a stew by moving your chin up and down 6 Job done! Seriously, reloading the Ultra is so easy
  6. 6 disposable lighters for a pound at the market, now thats more fun when you need something to shoot at!!!
  7. hughes_jh

    Cleaning pellets ?

    Here's my top tip.... don't get them dirty in the first place! (I'm being serious!) When you get a nice fresh time of pellets, decant as many as you need (e.g. 100) into a new tin and use them before going back for more, keep your new pellets sealed tight. Dipping into new tins of pellets with sweaty fingers will soon dull pellets..... also, you will easily crush and damage the skirts of surrounding pellets (especially AA Fields with their super thin skirts. Oh, and for the record, I've never cleaned a pellet either!
  8. hughes_jh

    Which pellet

    Which vermin, which range? Also, what do you need clarification on, calibre/weight/brand/shape/etc? Personally I do all of my hunting (rabbits, pigeons, rats) with .22 domed pellets (Air Arms Field Diablo or H&N Field Target Trophy) and I have no complaints
  9. hughes_jh

    scope choice

    Horses for courses I suppose. I rarely have mine above 6x for live quarry. The problem with using a high magnification is that it takes too long to find the quarry in your sights. Also, you don't stand a chance of seeing any branches or other obstructions between you and the quarry.
  10. hughes_jh

    scope choice

    Just a quick note on your first point.... group sizes are irrelevant on whether or not your gun is zeroed. You should still be punching 1" groups (albiet a little bit away from the zero on the target. One of the things I have to keep telling myself is to NOT compensate for the shot until I'm fully zeroed
  11. hughes_jh

    Eley Wasps?

    Phantom highly rates the Milbro pellets for putting in a Tic Tac box and rattling to attract magpies, surely the Eley Wasps would be up to that task??? Seriously though, I used to use the 5.6mm flavour in my BSA Airsporter and the performance was outstanding
  12. hughes_jh

    Bsa ultra multi questions

    As Kev says this will adjust the distance you have to pull the trigger before the shot is fired. It won't change the resistance of the trigger (which I think is what you're after?) You're right in assuming that a PCP is a much lighter trigger, but you get used to it. When lining up a shot, don't rest your finger at the second stage of the trigger as you may have done with your Weihrauch. The Ultra is about the same "weight" of trigger as many other PCP's I've shot (including AA, Rapids, Daystates) atb, John
  13. hughes_jh

    Bsa ultra multi questions

    Hi Jack, Whats the problem? John
  14. hughes_jh

    Vertical Zero

    Yup! Your dead right, OM. If you think about it, as you're looking through your scope, you're looking in a dead straight line to infinity, practicly. The shot as it leaves the gun does not, first it goes up, then it goes down. Because the shot leaves the gun below relative to where you're looking, it must go upwards to meet your point of zero, then go down again.. If the sight-line is not DIRECTLY above the barrel, then it will go slightly from one side to the other. Think about it..... The point is that as you look through your scope and set it up on your gun, your X-hairs must be level to the ground and the barrel must be directly below your line of sight. Otherwise you'll get a slight right to left (or vise-versa) drift as the range changes relative to your zeroing range. I hope this helps!! Cheers. I thought we were assuming that the vertical LINE is zeroed?
  15. hughes_jh

    bsa ultra tactical

    Ultras are superb guns. The reason the prices are cheaper is because its easier to injection mould a stock than it is to grow a tree and carve a stock ouot of it! You're right that the synthetic ones are more resistant to the weather, but then again, a synthetic leather jacket is more weather resistant than a real leather one..... but you wouldn't pay more for it!
  16. hughes_jh

    Vertical Zero

    Almost correct. Pellets travel through the air in a slight spiral shape, but I wouldn't worry about it as it'll only drift off a few mm and then come back in again Also, don't forget to account for the wind! A good way of testing is to shoot at a telegraph pole in the middle of a field about 250 yards away. You'd be amazed how many times you can hit it dead on. (although your elevation won't be anywhere near right!)
  17. hughes_jh

    popped over to the hotel

    haha, what was the language the chap used?? Zut alors? Gott im himmel?? more likely to be "what-the-fecking-jaysus?"
  18. RE the paralax thingy, I spent a few hours one day playing around with my gun. I had it set up on a bench and was shooting dead centre on the target. Then, I moved my eye (without moving the gun) so I was as far left as I could get and aimed dead centre on the crosshairs, bang.... same hole. I did the same by moving my head as far right as I could, bang... dead centre too. So, in answer to your question... I don't think it makes any difference! Just thinking about it.... if you prop your gun up on a bench and note the exact spot where the cross hairs are aiming at... without touching your gun, put your glasses on an look again, the bross hairs will still be pointing at the exact same spot. Hope this helps, John
  19. hughes_jh

    new gun

    Ultra. superb gun. As Zini says, get an upgraded silencer. Also, spend the extra few pounds on a multishot
  20. hughes_jh

    bsa scorpion or ultra

    Get an Ultra Multishot, its an awesome rifle. Small, light, accurate and very pointable. You pick it up thinking its too compact but when you shoulder it everything falls into place. Pigeon headshots at 35 yards are easy. You can pick them up for bargain prices too.
  21. hughes_jh

    what scope?

    I'd recommend you buy something with the letters AO in the name. This means you can adjust the focus, similar to binoculars. Unfortunately, most scopes are made for FAC rifles and are permanently fixed at 100yards/metres. With an adjustable objective (the AO bit) you can set it to about 30 yards, much more suitable for air gunning. I can highly recommend a good value scope in the Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 4x32 AO, a serious bargain at £29 brand new! http://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/products.asp?cat=Nikko+Stirling+Mountmaster+A%2FO
  22. hughes_jh

    My first attempt at the Corvids

    Phantom, you write the best write-ups! Cracking post, the only problem with reading these is that it makes me want to get out shooting right now!
  23. hughes_jh


    Right that does it, I'm off to sulk :tongue4: Haha Phantom, you're easily upset! OK, how about this... Davy does the best write ups Phantom is the best hunter Davy, you're not upset about that are you?
  24. hughes_jh

    fac air rifle

    Well done giro, that must've took you a while to think of that one? I was only asking a sensible question to try and help. I see you have an irish flag below your name so you'll know what I mean when I say "Dún do bheal" If you have your own land, then getting a FAC is a bit of a formaility. However, if you shoot on a permission its a bit more difficult, not impossible, but you have to work hard to justify the need for an FAC gun. If you have a shotgun cert but only shoot in a clay pigeon ground and don't have any where to shoot with your FAC gun, then your chances of getting an FAC are nil.
  25. hughes_jh

    fac air rifle

    Do you have your own land to shoot on?