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  1. Hello, folks. Long time, no see!! I came by an old Sheridan pump up rifle a while ago and it badly needs a proper service. As far as I can tell from it's serial number it's about the same age as me, late1960s. I was wondering if any of you lot could recomend someone who might have experience with these old guns? Pianoman's recomended a company called Airtech but I've not had any joy reaching them yet so any other sugestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  2. Cracking rifles, mate! I've owned or used pretty much all of HW's springers and my 90 is the one that I've always hung on to. I got it new in 1996 and it's served me faultlesly pretty much since then. It gets used all year round in all weathers and it's spot on. I'd echo some of the above replys that gas-rams can be a bit of an aquired taste, the recoil is sharper and quicker than a steel spring but that's no bad thing. The lock time's very fast and so long as you keep a very gentle and consistant hold on the thing they are as accurate as any other springer you can name. Go for it and enjoy.
  3. I've had a few Hawke scopes before, Nite Eyes, Map Pro and others and I always thought that they were pretty OK for the money until they started to develop problems and they all did. The after sales service was shite (in my experience) and they all litterally ended up in the bin. They look good on paper but they're built from snot and wishful thinking. I wouldn't have another one given. If you're after something that's built to last with properly decent glass for field use then have a look at the Nikon Pro Staff and the Vortex Dimondback ranges. They start at under £200 and will knock any Hawke or MTC into next week in terms of build quality. As has already been said though, it's a personal thing but personally I don't like spending my hard earned on rubbish that just falls to bits.
  4. If it does what you want, who gives a shit what it looks like??!! For £160 you've got a bargain, mate.
  5. I had the not very pleasurable experience of using one for a weekend many years ago and I really didn't like it at all. Very hold sensative and it bucked around in rather horrible fashion. The trigger wasn't too good either, from what I remember. If you're after a break barrel then go for a decent used HW80. If you want the best however, take a look at the Diana side levers. The 48 and 52 will make an easy 30ish ft-lbs and are no harder to shoot than most sub 12 guns.
  6. Sounds like a potential evening of top entertainment, Simon. When shall I come down?? Give me a call, mate. It's been a while.
  7. Signed and shared. It can't hurt but seeing the lack of interest in this, I guess no one really gives a f**k.
  8. That's a lot of spring that you've had to fit to make the power you've got. Honestly, does it really shoot better than when the ram was fitted? I know the cocking cycle will be easier but what about everything else? Interesting thread.
  9. If that last bit's your attitude towards safety then I'm glad you live a very long way from me. how's it going fella. I'm doing ok, Mick. Still saving the planet by fitting insulation. The ice caps are re-freezing and the polar bears and penguins are safe because of me. I'll give you a call soon. Be good to catch up. Lid. I'm sorry if I took your remark out of context. Having read your other replys I can see you take your shooting seriously and rightly so. Safety first. No questions Shitty news about your job, mate. I hope it works out for you. I've been where you are and it's shit. All the best for the future.
  10. If that last bit's your attitude towards safety then I'm glad you live a very long way from me.
  11. These days, sadly, it's accountants that have a bigger say in these businesses and not engineers. I know feck all about Daystate but some of the shockers that I've seen both HW and Air Arms chuck out recently are shameful. Both of their QC departments need to give their collective heads a great big shake.
  12. I've been using .20 for the past six years or so and I wouldn't go back to either .22 or .177 in a sub 12 gun. It really does work very well indeed and there's plenty of pellets to choose from but mostly online. Stick to the main brands, H and N, JSB and avoid the crappy U.S. made stuff (other than Crosman, they're quality) and you'll be fine. Change the barrel on your 95, experiment and enjoy
  13. Hello, mate. I have a Hatsan 55s that my boys use. Straight out of the box it was shite, to be honest. Opening the barrel was like trying to snap a branch, stupidly stiff. The action was rough as a bear's arse and it twanged and bounced around on firing like a Jack-in-a-box on speed. It's only saving graces where it's trigger which I must say for a low end gun was pretty bloody good and the fact that the gun was a gift (thanks ). I stripped it down to find that there was no lube of any discription inside and that the piston, cylinder and spring were covered in rust (!!). To be fair it's the only Hatstand I've had in bits so maybe they're not all like this. After a good clean out and fitting a Welsh Willie tuning kit, removing a coil from the barrel catch spring, a proper re-lube and a bit of polishing on some rough edges it's turned out OK. A very consistant 11.2 ft-lbs over my chrono and a nice sweet firing cycle. If I were you though, I'd try to find something used. Pretty much anything German or Air Arms will still be better than a Hatsan so long as all's as it should be. Good luck!!
  14. I went out lamping this evening with Moxy and he was useing a cracking little compact light on his CZ. If he doesn't see this post and reply, maybe send him a P.M.
  15. If you have a chrono, then it's the velocity squared, times the pellet weight in grains, then divide by 450240 and that will give you the energy in ft-ibs. Eg... 560 fps X 560 fps X 16 then divide by 450240 gives you 11.144 ft-lbs.
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