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  1. JackWard

    my first lurcher

    i did put another picture on but dont think its came up for some reason
  2. JackWard

    my first lurcher

  3. JackWard

    my first lurcher

    This is my first lurcher pup Tess, a 6month old Beddy Whippet. Had her out once ferreting and she performed well, hope to get her out again soon.
  4. JackWard

    wirehaired german pointer

    our bitch is only just about to begin her second season, and has only just started to point, its just patience.
  5. JackWard

    yellow spots on underside

    thanks for all the replies, she has a very clean kennel and bed. she does run through nettles etc daily so whether it has something to do with them, or it is normal. hopefully they will clear she is in no distress or anything, so hopefully itll just take time. thanks again jackw
  6. Hi My pup (4months), is getting various sized yellow spots on her underside, which appear then go. Has anyone else experienced this with their dogs, if so what are they, should i be concerened and how can they be treated. Thanks JackW
  7. Hi can anyone reccomend a decent book/dvd on a begginers look into training a working lurcher, retrieving, etc. Thanks
  8. JackWard

    bedlington grey vs bedlington whippet

    puts better meat on the table hmmm. cant see the point in a greyhound cross 'if' your limited to rabbits law-wise
  9. hi in a bit of woodland in our area where i visit regularly i have watched red squirrels almost every time i have been there, 16 at one point, i have watched them for about 4 year. until about a month ago i saw my first grey in there, and there have been numerous sightings and today, 6 . The reds have become less and less, in fact i hardly see any. I saw one red today scratching and itching constantly, all over, it looked underweight and mangy looking, my dad also saw another doing the same. They were by no means just itching, but scratching heavily. Has anyone else encountered a red doing this, it looked slightly distressed, and they seem to have dissapeared with the arrival of these greys.
  10. JackWard

    gun man on killing spree

    the muppet on the news said at one point it was an 'airgun', the woman said ' a shotgun, most likely used for deerstalking' and a man said ' a huge james bond style sniper rifle' They are constantly talking about the licensing as we all know, no doubt something will come into place. Just looked on sky news website, confirmed that an oldish bloke known locally as spike, the local molecatcher, i didnt know him really, but as i would pass him early morning, walking the dog or checking snares he would walk past and always said hello. Where he was killed i am often ratching about with the dog etc at that time of day on my own, just wrong place wrong time. couldnt believe that something could happen like that in such an isolated area. as my dad pointed out, when those first killings took place, should egremont upwards not have been isolated, and cut off. as for police numbers, what about the hundreds of young lasses and lads etc walking around site with machine guns. im sure there will be large numbers of different views/opinions going around. just cannot believe it.
  11. JackWard

    gun man on killing spree

    disgusting, another incident in our area. Ive heard sirens and heli's all day as i live in egremont. the gunman was apparantely in the solway wildfowlers, and as on another post, the continous discussions of firearms, how he got his certificate, what gun types were they etc etc on sky news is a clear indication of the tensions regarding the firearms situations.
  12. JackWard


    thanks for the replies lads.
  13. Hi Just wondered how many accurate shots i will get on my hw100ks, and what pressure level do you feel shows when accuracy is beginning to fall. Also, what level do you fill it up to, it is not a carbine of fac rated gun, just the normal .177 thanks jackw
  14. ''i had some permission but i cleared all the rabbits'' basically you couldnt let a couple breed, hammered them them all, and f****d yourself right up. Unlucky. but i agree with the above post, about it might not be true. The person is from the same area, and a possibly wants to stop him getting permission in the area. Who knows
  15. JackWard

    images of dogs

    make people who attempt to sell dogs put images on. I cant understand someone trying to sell a dog, without even having the decency to put an image on, it doesnt exactly cost and take much effort.