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  1. sorry for the multi posts not sure how that happened!!!! I was allways told the bottle gauges are generally the ones to be most trusted. just so happens I had all mine tested and the bottle gauge is quite a way out. and luckily my hw100 gauge was on. Though generally bottle gauges appear to be the most reliable. When your next ready to fill, ask someone else to fill it, or go to a gunshop for a fill, and ask them how accurate they feel it is. Andy
  2. I must admit, my gaue on the 100 is more accurate than on my bottle, or pump.
  3. I must admit, my gaue on the 100 is more accurate than on my bottle, or pump.
  4. I must admit, my gaue on the 100 is more accurate than on my bottle, or pump.
  5. hw100 I have a HW 100 sporter .22 pre A/T I dont use much so am thinking of swapping p/xing for something I would use more. Id swap for the .22 r10 as I have .177 and tend to use it more than any other gun. The HW has just been serviced and shoots at 11.4 with FX pellets. Andy
  6. any rabbits left in the rhondda I was thinking the same thing!!
  7. Thats sad news guys, and mixy spreads so fast that although you need to try and contain it, im not sure if you really can.
  8. Ive got both, and although the HW100 is easier to hold steady I prefere the R10. Andy
  9. They do come out and there easier to see, you just look for there umbrellas
  10. Hi Mate Sorry to hear about your friends problems. send you a pm. Andy
  11. I love them and think there hard to better. Ive got a standard .177 and a .22 HC. Also got the BAM 40 which is a copy of it, and when tuned is a nice gun. Andy
  12. Hey rhian, Do you also shoot? may have some rat shooting coming up, but this particular place isnt much good for dogs. Andy
  13. Hi ernie, and welcome to the forumn Andy
  14. Hey mate sorry about your brake up r10 please if all working good, etc. pm sent. Andy
  15. Hey Scott, Where in Wales are you? Look forward to seeing the pics. Andy
  16. Can you email me a pic and some more details such as age and cal please Andy
  17. How about £650 ono, Loads of for P/X, Its a way of justifying a new gun for me
  18. I'll take less for cash and will give generous P/X terms for anything shooting related. quality springers in any condition or a precharge preferred. Andy
  19. Hi Where exactly is the run to be collected from? South Wales or llanddewi brefi which is West Wales?? Thanks Andy
  20. 99 Mondeo 1.8 TD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im selling my Ford mondeo due to getting a new Vehicle. Ford Mondeo LX 1999 T reg 1.8 TD 5 Door Hatchback Metalic Dark Blue Air Con – works great. It has the Winter pack, so heated front screen, which was replaced by me when I bought vehicle as existing windscreen had a chip in it. Front suspension springs replaced 2 years ago, apparently can be a fault on mondeos. Timing belt done December 2007 Pics http://s616.photobucket.com/albums/tt242/Welsh_Andy/Mondeo/ A towbar was fitted 21/10/99 and approved fitting certificate Ive only towed twice with it, but it was fine. First Registered 31/3/99 Ive owned it since 11/8/2004 The car has past MOT’s, Tax discs, Receipts, Ford owners pack etc. 156,000 miles Runs Excellent, though, the Battery is getting tired probably seemed bad as Ive not used it for a while in this cold weather. Mot March 17th 2010. I could put new mot on for cost. Tyres are good, Brake pads replaced less than 2000 miles ago. Serviced end October and I stopped using it December. The front and rear bumpers are damaged, as are the doors on the passenger side, due to a car hitting me, 2 years ago. Joy riders who then ran me over when I got out of the car!! Ive been told the door dents will pull out, though Im unsure of this! And new bumpers for mondeo can be bought for between £20 and £40 each. It’s been through 2 MOTs with no problem since. I didn’t claim on the insurance when it happened and the vehicle is HPI clear. Think that covers everything £800 Guns considered in P/X Andy
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