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  1. Bradford Lad


    Anybody know someone who does gundog dvd copies?
  2. Surely leaving a dog until 10 months before any training is undertaken is recipe for disaster,at 10 months the pup will have already developed bad habbits and im sure it would create more training/ behaissues for the dog than is necessary. Every person i know who is involved with gundogs from trialling to beating installs conditioning into their pups, this does not stop the pup being a pup or produce half trained 1yr olds, it just means that the basics are in place for when training starts. Not knocking your way if it works for you then great but id be too scared of ruining a perfectly good dog!!
  3. Hi, Has anyone got a copy of cocker spaniel master class by Edward Martin?? Thanks
  4. The pup has to get rewarded close to you, ie cast the dog off and drop a ball in front of you when dog cant see. Work the dog around you unitl it finds the ball, plenty of praise and keep it going. The dog will then associate rewards are close to you and 20yds in front!!
  5. 10 months before you introduce whistle, never heard of that before. Would be interested to see how it works for you Zimpara, whichever book, dvd or trainer i seen always introduce a whistle very early on.
  6. I can see how much easier it would be with someone at home with them all day but sadly not an option for me. Nice pack you have there tho.
  7. Some interesting opinions and experiences in the replies. I'd hate to think any of my dogs kept seperate are bored in their kennel. I always have chew toys an food filled toys that they have yo work out how to get at the food, i leave an un flagged square in the middle of the run so they can have a dig. What other things do guys put in the kennel to keep them interested?
  8. Even though my tyke is only 5 months old they have had a couple of fall outs and that was enough for me to seperate them. Do you find dogs kennelled on their own are happy dogs?
  9. Years back i was advised not to kennel terriers together because they would fight constantly. Ive just read an article in countrymans weekly that says terriers should always be kennelled together. Ive just seperated my 5month lakeyxpatt from my cocker as a precaution now im wondering if ive done the right thing???? What does everyone else do?
  10. Fox dropper there are many terms used in different parts of the country and Wirey may know 'turning it back in' as something else, he was only asking for clarification. Where im from your term relates to in breeding.
  11. Real nice stamp of terrier that bitch mate.
  12. Yeh im happy with my choice, i changed my mind on the day i was due to pick the other pup up, not that there was owt wrong with tge other pup, this one just interacted better with me, anyone else changed their minds when picking pups?
  13. Must be from the Lakey, all the other pups were dark red with a white bib and feet.Id originally chosen another pup but he took my eye a few weeks later!
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