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  1. ach bagad chan feinedd dendiedig Saesneg twats rhywun ddylu ddefnynna bom acha 'r choelbren chennych wankers. ai chyfieithi hon ach a f*****g 'n addoer twat
  2. paul has had his money back, telemetry got lost in mail you twats
  3. if the blueing is in good nic i will take it please thanks jas
  4. hi all iam looking for a camo shotgun please pm me cash waiting thanks jason
  5. hi i have a nearly new fintracker and brand new marshell scout with it for sale i have used it in a valley and it has a range of about 30 miles thay say its fourty but in woods its about 25 - 30 miles please ring me for photos thanks jason
  6. iam intersted could you send me some photos please i have cash waiting
  7. thanks bill its his wife she has cancer and thay might have to take half her guts out or if to bad thats it. so as you can imagine shooting is the last thing on his mind. thanks jason
  8. hi all i live in aberaeron and i have a lot of ground to shoot on full to the brim with rabbits. my best mate cant come shooting anymore due to health problems. so iam looking for a bit of help with all the land to look after.
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