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  1. Hi Deano all I can say is I have never used the LED Lenser but as to the best time as stated by Davyt dusk until what ever time you feel like packing in,in my case this could be from around 5pm till next mornig ( much to the great anoyance of the other half lol) filters I would if they have not been lamped before start with out one then next visit use red then amber alternatly. Atb Fatlad54
  2. Hi now I am no expert on this subject but this is what I have done,I found a laser that was a nice fit in the fore sight of my origanal mod 36 so removing the inter changeable element and a wrap of insulation tape slid the laser into the foresight tunnel now the pellet hits about 1/2 inch lower than the laser dot at 20 feet but you soon adjust yourself for it and with the use of one of the cree led head lights I am in action. On the baiting issue I would urge caution on this because other critters ie cats could get at the bait and well enough said on that,I have been using this system on my latest ratting permision for the last month or so and it's still working ok for me,hopes this helps a little and I feel sure you may get some better advice before long ATB Fatlad54.
  3. Hi try putting this item no 250762024520 into ebay and I hope this will help you. ATB Ernie.
  4. Hi Beastmaster I own one and it is imo one of the best ! accuracy is excellent and they are very quite and I am getting around 170 shots per fill,and has rake aboot say keep them well maintained and you will not go far wrong ATB Fatlad54.
  5. Hi I own a s16 mk2 and all I can say is it is very accurate very quite and has a huge shot count per fill.I have not used the evo model but you may want to take a look at the s16 rake aboot has you would not go far wrong with that imo. ATB fatlad54
  6. Hi I have an s16 and my only down side comment about it would be it's weight other than that it is very accurate and yes a truly massive shot count ! ATB Fatlad54.
  7. Hi you also now need to order some camo netting to turn it into a mobile hide lol
  8. Hi when I needed some o rings for my s16 (seemed to use quite a few) I just took the old seals to a local model shop and got just what I needed from them nearest decent gun shop for me is about 35 miles away,the model shop sells the radio controlled petrol engined model cars etc so it could be worth a try. Atb fatlad 54
  9. Hi Wurz it looks like the mod 36 that I have sorry but I would put a picture on if I could for you but I don't have one of them there newfangled digital jobbies lol.On this one of mine the original logo and mod 36 is stamped on just before the scope rail,and I have had this for a few years and unsure just how old it is. Regards fatlad54.
  10. Shoot a bit and try not to miss alot !

  11. It seems that once again the majority will have to pay for the mindless minority !!!!
  12. Thanks gentlemen for all the info I think that joining this forum is a very good idea did not expect this many replies. Atb Ernie,
  13. Hi Darryl thanks for that it will be a pain in the backside to do the pull through bit I understand the concept of it though,I am going over to the gun shop later in the week so I will try some of the aaf's at the weekend when we pop over to the clubs range which is an indoor job so no wind etc to do testing. atb Ernie.
  14. I think most of the people at the club just seem to dislike it why I know not ! the one I have works well for me.On the webley's I must admit I did have a thing for them when they was webley & scott lol atb ErNIE
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