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  1. i have for sale my two harris hawks, 1 is 40 weeks old and has flown and entered at lb 6oz he has caught fur and feather, completely trained and can be seen flying, the other is 1lb 14oz and is only 7 weeks old, i have him already jumping to the glove and is manned, these can either be sold seperatly or together, ive had them bowed out together and are used to each other, btoh have eaten a very good diet and both are ringed and registered, also i have 2 bow perches, 2 gloves, 2 travel boxes, bells, jessies, anklets and a few bits inc a falconry book call 07810044218 or text
  2. What's the deal with you and this free dog and you not paying the guys petrol for delivering it?

  3. shes not my bird mate but i think she hatched 12/11/10, and im not imping her mate, her owner will be doing that
  4. gwill09


    hiya mate the 1st thing i did was take him out with dummy bunny and got my brother to run it down the beam so that the bird associated the light with food, then when i wanted him to come back, shone the light on my glove and called him back, he took to it really quickly, also ive had a good mentor and lads round me that always offer advice, where are you mate? youre more than welcome to come out with us on the lamp if you want to have a watch?
  5. how old was she mate? i didnt think they lost there feathers untill they were 1 year old?? because when they 1st get there plumage, about 8 weeks is it? they keep that for a year and then moult for the 1st time? not having a dig mate just putting what ive been told, cheers for the reply mate bought her in september 08, moulted for the first time march 09 she was born in 08 yea so shell be the same then mate, she was bought this year so she wont be moulting till next year, got some feathers so she should be ok now
  6. cheers for them tail feathers mate, were going to imp them on today hopefully
  7. good man, as soon as its done youll have to stick some photos on here
  8. hello and welcome mate, and as above your best bet is to to and speak to land owners personally to ask for permission, good luck with it mate
  9. im in bury mate not far from manchester
  10. sorry now sold hi guys ive got some fishing gear for sale or swap, ive got a 10ft garbolino pellet waggler ( brand new) a 13ft middy the works feeder rod, a wychwood baitrunner reel, large tackle box with terminal tackle, floats, beads, weights, hooks, discorgers, braid etc, i want £50 07810044218 or pm me
  11. just been told im getting made redundant!!! gutted doesnt even come close

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      That's sad mate, atb in getting a better job

    3. gwill09
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      rocket ronnie

      Gutted for ye bud nothing worse

  12. like i said mate i wouldnt swap my male for anything, my mate has had 2 females and they both prefered going after feather, and usually not even registering a bunny. dont know if thats luck of the draw or wether females tend to prefer feather, as ive never had a female i cant realy comment, i hope you do get a bird as it sounds like youve done your homework and spent the money on its up keep so heres hoping everything health wise turns out ok
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