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  1. won't let me pm you I can meet you half way
  2. I'm nocking rabbits over 55yards on a regular bacis mk2 r10 in 22
  3. R10 immaculate condition comes with eclipse IR 3-12x50AO Mil Dot. By pod and case. £500
  4. Lurcher world what a f*****g joke. Went to Burghley game fair yesterday, racing went on all day finally finished at 3.30 showing was supposed to start at 1 but started just after racing finished and what about this for a judge? Class 2 judges choice, had all the dogs in the ring, walked round, checked them all then the lad on the gate went into the tent who was taking the money, friend of the judge shot into the ring at last minute, judge didnt even look at the dog and placed it 2nd to qualify for judges choice end of season. How does that one work out?
  5. what be your choice b s a r 10 or hw 100 kt
  6. thats the best collie x ive seen for a long while
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