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  1. Ferret/terrier mk1 locator View Advert I have 3 mk1 boxs 2 work at 15ft and was calibrated 2 years ago and havmt been used much due to buying a bellman and flint on works at 3ft but can be used as spares 3 mk1 terrier collars 2 as new condition 1 mk1 ferret collar good condition looking for £250 the lot Advertiser dogmanphil Date 26/12/17 Price £250.00 Category Ferreting
  2. I have a wheaten bull greyhound if your still looking
  3. Looks a cracker mate hope you find him a good home
  4. Hi will phone you now just got back on pc as it broke
  5. Hi will phone you now just got back on pc as it broke
  6. Sorry pal just got back on computer and send same post again
  7. if still available put me down for him please can send a deposit thanks
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