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  1. I thought 3 in 1 was a mineral oil don't let it get near any of the o rings .
  2. Very nice mate. I don't know what had been sprayed on the action and stock it came to me like that. Probably some sort of farm chemicals the gun had been a hunters gun for years before I got it.
  3. Sorry I have been out the loop only just seen this thread. Cracking work Jimmy that 35 looks mint. All I did with the insides is lots of polishing had the piston converted to take new type seal fitted a new seal fitted a tbt kit but the spring in it has a kink in it and one guide was a bit looser than I would of liked so it still twangs a bit. Looking great though.
  4. Hi mate don't think hw99 ones will fit I tried with mine before I sent you the gun.
  5. Glad to see your getting to know her well.
  6. Look Forward to seeing the refurbishment pics Jimmy and sending you those guns meant I finally had to pull my finger out and have a good look at my 97 strip of the carbon wrap properly bed it into the CS 700 and fit an adjustable but pad. Also fitted a shope last night so it's win win as far as I am concerned.
  7. Hello money received thanks . Did you get the pictures? Pianoman just been checking out your neck of the woods it's a long way out of the way from cambourne to derby but was worth a look .I can go via the a1 coming off near Grantham instead off a14, m1 to derby. But car with kids and wife means I can't do another hour or two on top it hurts my ears.
  8. Just to add I can drop the rifles off at etwall near derby this weekend if that's any help . Cheers
  9. You probably want pistol pellets they are flat head and very short been ages since I had any . Can't remember name or make.
  10. Why didn't he remove all the air first i don't get it !
  11. There are some good strip down vids on YouTube . Not that i have bothered Jimmy is, having mine
  12. Did you do any work on the trigger of that hawke? I have a vukcan I have rebuilt and it needs something doing with the trigger. I have heard about pen springs and polishing.
  13. Hi Jimmy that's,a kind offer but i think i would rather offer you the 35 if you wanted it at a good price, i have other guns that need stock work that i am more likely to keep long term .i would be happy with £120 for the 35 i have spent a bit more but i really do need to thin my collection i dont have enough bags for them all let alone time to shout them all .
  14. Forgot to say the 35 has the older walking stick knob style stock if you know what i mean. Looks like some good grain under it too.
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