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  1. Hi all. I don't know If this just affects me but, I have just gone on the Buy, Sell or Swap forum and cannot see any way to add a post or reply to a post on any of the forums under this catagory. The green link that you usually click on that allows a post to be posted or to be replied to Is not visable. Does anybody else have this problem? All the other forums on the site seem to be unaffected, John
  2. Thanks for the update guys. I was just curious how long this donate thing has been going. A few years ago I purchased an NS50 from somebody off this forum. And I have never subscribed
  3. mjr88

    Out trying the 177

    Good shooting mate and a great gun. (just like mine) Just curious though, what scope Is that mounted on your HW100?
  4. Hi all I am thinking of replacing my standard HW100s cylinder for the A & M version for the extra shot count. But as I have no experience with after market bottles, I was just wondering If any of you guys could tell me how many more shots you actually get with the A & M full size cylinder when fitted to a legal limit rifle. Also, are these A & M cylinders good quality, reliable, and basically worth the extra money, John http://www.amcustomgunsmiths.com/Home.aspx
  5. mjr88

    A & M Cylinders for HW100?

    Thanks for the replys and Info lads
  6. Hi all. I was just wondering If any of you guys could give me a rough estimation on how much my Winchester 12G SX3 3.5'' Composite Shotgun could be worth. I bought the gun from new a few years ago and It has only been used a few times. In fact, It's spent the last 2 years In the gun cabinet. It's basically as new. Regards, John
  7. Thanks for the replies lads. Alsone, I'm just thinking about selling at the moment because the permission I had to use the shotgun has been sold on and I have nowhere else to use It at present. And If I do sell the SX3 I will probably use the money and buy an FAC air rifle for that bit of extra range down at my stables permission, John
  8. mjr88

    RIP John Wilson

    My favourite angler of all time, RIP John
  9. Hi all I was just wondering If there Is any efficient method to remove a moderator from an air rifle that has been screwed and stuck on with loctite, John
  10. Thanks for the replies and advice lads
  11. Hi all. At present I have 3 different shooting permissions for my Airguns and each year at Christmas time I buy each of the landowners a bottle of Whiskey, Gin, Vodka etc just as a thank you for letting me shoot on their land. However, a few months ago one of the landowners retired and has passed on the running of the business to his son. My question Is, do you guys think I should now buy just the new boss an Xmas gift or should I also buy the original landowner one too. Just thought I'd ask you guys your opinions, Atb, John
  12. Thanks for the replies lads
  13. Hi all I am thinking of adding the Hawke bubble level to the dovetails of my new HW99s Imp and I was just wondering If any of you guys use or have used a level like this? I have seen many cheaper versions like this Hawke bubble level on the bay of thieves, but have also read some reviews that these cheaper ones do not sit straight on the rails and are therefore useless. Any Info will be greatly appreciated lads, John
  14. mjr88

    Hawke Bubble Level?

    Thanks for the advice lads. It seems the general opinion that these levels are crap, so I don't think I'll bother, John
  15. Hi all I'm thinking about selling my .177 HW100s (legal limit) and was just wondering how much It could be worth. I purchased the gun brand new back In 2013 and the gun has never been tampered with or has hardly been used either. In fact I reckon there's been no more than about 2 tins of pellets through It. Also I have never had any Issues with the rifle and the bottle and the stock have never been removed either. I'm just looking for some Idea what this tac driver could be worth, thanks lads
  16. mjr88

    HW100 Valuation

    Yes, It's a quick fill version and will probably be rifle only should I sell
  17. mjr88

    HW100 Valuation

    Thanks for the replies lads
  18. Hi all. Can anybody please shed any light on this problem that I am getting with my new Hawke 2-7x32AO Scope. Basically, I've recently bought a new tuned HW99s Imp, and at the same time from a different shop I also bought the Hawke scope. The problem Is that the Hawke just will not group or adjust when fitted to my new rifle. To start with the rifle always seems to shoot about 4-5'' to the left. And when I adjust the left/right adjuster, the point of Impact actually starts to move up as If I'm adjusting the up/down adjuster. It doesn't seem to move right at all. I am using a new set of 2 piece mounts also made by Hawke (1'') I have removed the mounts about 3 times and I keep getting the same result or thereabouts. Luckily though I remembered that I had an old beat up BSA 4x32 scope In my gun bag. So I then proceeded to fit the BSA scope on to my new rifle and used the new Hawke mounts. Bingo, after firing off about 6 shots In my tiny back garden (about 10 yards) I started to get most pellets In a 3/4'' circle. This I did about 6 to 8 times just to make sure that the first couple of shots were not a fluke. Each pellet then proceeded to group nicely. At least the problem doesn't seem to be rifle. I have been shooting for many years and have never had a problem like this before. I have been In contact with Hawke customer services to find out where I stand, but I would prefer to get this annoying problem sorted If possible so any advice will be greatly appreciated, Atb, John. Ps: I took the scope back to the shop where I bought It earlier and the chap put the scope In a V shaped rest. According to him, (to complicate the matter even further) both the turret adjusters were moving as they should
  19. Hi, has this happened to you before then with a Hawke scope? I've spoken to a couple of people earlier who both have a lot of experience with shooting and both reckon that the scope Is faulty because they have never heard that rotating a scope can fix zeroing and adjustment Issues, Opinions please
  20. Hi bud Problem sorted. Somebody from another forum suggested (just like you) to move the scope to a different position. When I was having the problem, the up/down adjuster was on the left hand side and the right/left was on top. So this morning I remounted the scope the other way around. The up/down adjuster Is now on top and the left/right adjuster on the left hand side. It was quite evident from the first shot In my small 10 yard back garden that this had sorted the problem. Where as before the shots were all going about 4-5'' to the left, now the shots were only going about 2'' to the right. Plus both adjusters seemed to be working perfectly as well. To cut a long story short I ended up getting most pellets In a 1'' target. Could you please explain how moving the scope/adjuster position can cure the problems that I was getting because I really didn't think that It would make any difference at all. Both adjusters are connected to different parts of the reticule (or are they) so In my mind and other people I've spoken too, they seemed to agree with me (how wrong were we) I am now looking foward to taking my new Imp down to my local permission to see what kind of groups I can get at 25, 35, and 45 yards etc. It has been many years since I have shot a springer so I am really looking forward to the challange, Atb, John
  21. That would probably explain then why the POI was moving upwards when I was adjusting for left/right. Think I'll set up again and move the up/down adjuster and see If the POI will be Left/right