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  1. Pink or stink

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    Bittern I took some years ago. Only just seen this section.
  2. Pink or stink

    Banded Goose

    I shot a Pink on the Solway 20 years ago, that had a ring that sits on my keyring to this day. I sent the details to the BTO (london SW7) and they sent me all the details of where the bird was rung, where it had been spotted and sent me a certificate with more details and coordinates of the birds movements.
  3. Pink or stink

    Just A Couple I'm Working On

    Nice work Nath. Tempted to send you my Steyr now it's back to wood.
  4. Pink or stink

    Have You Ever Wondered

    Mines hard to explain.
  5. Pink or stink

    Hft Which Gun ?

    Yes, perfectly good gun for HFT but shot count is a little low so if you don't get many stoppages where you have to shoot the round off into the ground you should be able to complete a 30 shot course. We have a club that meets every Sunday in Martley Worcester (Nomads) so feel free to come over any Sunday around 9.30.
  6. Pink or stink

    Huge Fire In London

    Not sure what news channel you are watching but I see nothing like what you say. These people are in shock and of those being interviewed (apparently muslims) are all regaling the horror of what they have seen. Agonising was the word that one chap reported and I can only imagine the scene he described. I understand the block was recently converted to gas.
  7. Pink or stink

    What Is It !!

    These stats.. without sounding arsey..the 3 misses they average, is it always the 40+ yarder's? I would say that it's the 15mm kill at up to 25 yards that catches most of them out.
  8. Pink or stink

    What Is It !!

    Look at some stats. The best shooters in the country often take 30 shots every Sunday morning. Their targets are anything from 8-45 yards. Their longest shots will be kill-zones from between 30mm & 40mm somewhat larger than the 1" kill that we look for when hunting. They average around 57 so that's three misses. They practice a lot, are very consistent with some of the best equipment out there. They are supremely confident and they have to take the shot. The one thing they do not have to think about is movement of the target and that for me is the key reason for keeping it to a maximum of 40 yards. No matter how good/confident you think you are you have absolutely no control over what the quarry is about to do.
  9. Pink or stink

    Your User Name

    Don't recall seeing anyone with a user name "British Government"
  10. Pink or stink

    Your User Name

    I aint picky, either will do.
  11. Pink or stink

    Birmingham Slang?

    13/14. Those are not Brummie slang terms, they are yamyam (Black-country) terms, a world away from Brummies.
  12. Pink or stink

    Look At The State Of That :o

    He's timed that just right for paralympics in a few weeks
  13. I sold one on behalf of a friend very recently. I dont know a great deal about it but on the BBS there is a bloke called badgerginger who I believe does have some info on these things. If you are a member (or join) he might be helpful. Here are some pics of the one I sold on.
  14. Pink or stink

    Wonder What Killed It (L.s/w ) ?

    Lessers have no red on the body, I think there's a bit of blush on that one at the bottom. LSW is the size of a sparrow,
  15. Pink or stink

    Wonder What Killed It (L.s/w ) ?

    Looks like a GSW to me