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  1. Quest

    3D Printing

    My wife and I just purchased a 3D printer for Christmas. I think there getting a lot cheaper now and we paid only $380 for a large printer. The filament can run from $12 to upwards $100 range. Theres so much free stuff and website out there. My next goal is to get a scanner/app. So what do you guys think about 3 d printing?
  2. Its been a real bummer for my wife and I because we didn't get any deer tags this year A little depressed about it but... on a good note, a friend of ours was able to draw an Elk hunt in a unit he's been putting in for last 19 years. It was great to hear the stories of his hunt that just took place & all about how his willingness to help another hunter who was handicapped in a different part of the same unit he'd got drawn for... And how this hunter at the last moment had to leave because his wife had a accident and needed to be taken to the hospital. The handicapped hunter was so thankful (after many unsuccessful attempts posting for help) because my friend was willing to step up & reach out to help him...So upon taking his injured wife to the hospital which ended his chances of his hunt decided to tell my friend where exactly to find a Huge 370 inch bull Elk. My friend found the Huge bull the day before the season opened. He waited until the bull laid down for the night. On the opening day of the hunt... he found the bull just where he left it the day before. He started his long slow sneak, got to where he was in range with cow elk there running all around him and noticed the old bull was holding back for two last cows.... then all of a sudden the sound of a rifle went off from afar. One shot from another hunter dropped the big old bull in his tracks...an over 600 yard shot right over my friends head! My friend was so mad after all those years waiting... to be sniped away in a moments notice after all his hard work! He was able to tell the story of what had just taken place to his (handicapped) friend who had given the location (out of gratitude of my friend being the only person being willing to answer to a call for help). Well, this new friend was so kind & decided to give my friend another lead/opportunity on a different big old bull elk! You'll never guess what.... the same thing happen to him again... talk about bad luck! This time the other hunter shot the bull at over 700 yards. In the end of this story my good friend was still blessed and able to get this bull elk (a 330 inch beautiful 6x6). I love to hear these stories...I just wish I could've been apart of it. This is the bull he ended up with...not too shabby, huh? I guess his kindness to someone else in need still paid off and he didn't go home empty handed.
  3. Quest

    Neweed Lol

    I just read we have a newbie but hasn't posted yet. I thought it said WeeWeed lol boy I need to up my prescription on my glasses .
  4. I thought Lyme disease was a US problem. I hope your daughters alright. I've had two of those suckers in me no Lyme yet
  5. That's a project into it self lol.
  6. Hey thanks its kinda hard to find a spot where there's nothing in the way.
  7. You know I think its in the genes. My wife and I got baby chickens, eleven to be exact all females. So when they got older we put them outside in the chicken coop. Well after awhile there was some weird noises coming from the chicken coop in the morning. It sounded like a sick chicken. It took a couple of morning to find out what chicken was making it. Dang after awhile that chicken was crowing like a rooster. It was a gay chicken we had to get rid of it because there's no crowing chickens aloud where we live. So we dropped if off at the homeless shelter. They looked real happy when they got it
  8. I've been real busy lately so Ill try to post a pick of my project. I'm still not done with the finish work yet. I did make the fake rock anyway enjoy .
  9. I use McKenzie tan from Mackenzie taxidermy supply company. You need acid ph paper and the tanning oil plus salt. It only takes a 3 to 4 days.
  10. Here's the updated finished version of the rock. I still plan to add some sagebrush with a little yellow grass...I'll keep you posted as it progresses
  11. It's a reprodution panel rock that comes in different size sheets. Usally 4x4 or 4x8 1 1/2 thick. You make the frame out of wood then you brake the sheets up little pieces like a puzzle. Take those peaces placing them where they fit around the frame using drywall screws. It doesn't have to fit perfect. After you've got all the frame covered/piece together to your liking you seal the seams together with foam from aerosol can. Let it dry for awhile then push the foam back into itself. That's where I'm at now... next I'll have to cover the seams with a mixture to blend those seams to the fake rock. Then color using what ever means to get my desired look. My wife wants sandstone so I'll paint the rock rust-red then seal it. I'll spray glue all over it then cover it up with our red desert dirt here wish me luck. I'll try to keep you posted as I go....
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