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  1. thinking of buying new scope and would like to know which scope i saw on The Airgun Show where the presenter said that the holdover on the milldots stayed the same no matter what magnification you were on ie at 30yrds on x4 would be 3 milldots then if you zoomed in to x8 would still be 3 milldots . Reading this back i hope you know what i mean and can tell me what this feature is called
  2. oakey


    Am i right in thinking that the general licence says you cant shoot jackdaws if yes would admin please remove my post
  3. oakey


    live in mid terrace with quite a large garden . We get a large number of jackdaws sitting on the roof if i shot them on the roof they are bound to fall next door which i dont want . How can i tempt them down into the garden below the 6ft fencing ?
  4. oakey

    Is The Hw 100 The " Perfect Gun" ?

    I would just like to see the safety on when it comes out of the slip and not put into a slip cocked
  5. oakey

    Is The Hw 100 The " Perfect Gun" ?

    Why ? at least you know its not cocked unlike BSA and the others . If you cant put the safety catch on then you know its in safe mode , can't see a problem myself .Never heard of anybody moaning about it before just me then
  6. oakey

    Is The Hw 100 The " Perfect Gun" ?

    Just got a hw100 did a lot of research on line and i must say the best all round gun . BUT one thing that gets me is the safety catch you cant put it to safe without it being cocked . I know there is no need to have it safe if its not cocked but it would be nice to show all around that it is safe with the safety on
  7. oakey

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    new clutch three months no probs
  8. oakey

    Hft Which Gun ?

    thanks for link mate but my ultra is .22 rarely looking at .177 for target
  9. oakey

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    OK heres hoping its had a new clutch today pick it up tomorrow
  10. Bit of back ground i did a lot of bell target back in the day and proud to say won the 10m air rifle at the cla game fair on 2 occasions . So i can shoot a bit . I fancy having a go at HFT i have got a .22 BSA ultra would the same gun in .177 be any good ?
  11. oakey

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    its always in 4wheel its not got 2 wheel its got 4 wheel high and 4 wheel low
  12. oakey

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    changed oil in diff fingers crossed it seems fine now no good now changed gear box brackets as they were broke sill no good now booked in tuesday to have thrust bearing on clutch done . Fed up with this now surly all Suzuki's cant be like this
  13. oakey

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    changed oil in diff fingers crossed it seems fine now
  14. oakey

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    Just got back from garage he is going to ring suzuki but thinks it may be oil in the dif thats why it only happens after a long run because the oil gets thinner as it gets warm ?
  15. oakey

    Rear Dif Wind Up ?

    im sure suzuki would have said if it was set wrong when they had it in changing wheels about