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  1. I hope Wilf has just been watching BBC2 the gobshite may learn to not try and be a clever c**t and comment on things he's knows fuckall about in future....
  2. Finally a bit of sense!! hopefully your hero worshipper gobshite Wilf will take notice rather than repeating some of the stuff you've come out with in the past trying to score brownie points
  3. If 250 members put £2 each in, job done
  4. Find your local halal abattoir and you'll get them for free
  5. Hope everything works it self out for those involved, couldn't think of nothing worse than not knowing when your next pay packets coming from
  6. Do you think there would be as much shit about if more lads had access to half tidy stuff? Personally I wouldn't breed if I didn't think I could produce something better than I could buy in but would the clowns still breed shite regardless? To me it seemed there was better quality dogs about when all the peddlars where rife Nuttal, Gould etc
  7. You may yet eat your words lol.Ive given more dogs to strangers than i care to remember but no matter ,ive dared to bring up selling so im a c**t lol If this is the case I'll be happy to eat my words, maybe if there was more lads about who are willing to put a little trust in folk and help educate them the terrier world wouldn't be in such a shit state. Just for the record I too have never accepted a penny for the dogs/pups I've given to people but personally don't see the harm in somebody charging for a well bred pup.
  8. Foxdropper you sound like one of the typical terrier world aristocracy who believe it would be a sin for little average Joe bloggs to get his hands on some decent blood. Yes Taz is taking a bit of a gamble by selling the odd pup to strangers which could comeback to bite him on his arse but it's a gamble well worth taking as he could be giving somebody years of fun and adding yet another much needed lifelong enthusiast to our sport. Its clear to see he's no puppy peddlar so why don't you pull your head out your arse and take a leaf from his book and help somebody get a foot on the ladder or simply mind your own f***ing business?
  9. at least they fought like men .eh .not put some black rag over their faces shooting up women and kids shouting harrys snackbar ..thats the difference between my breed and yours .. Belter
  10. Thanks for sharing excellent bit of footage, what's the camcorder your using and how did you mount it to the lamp? have you tried the lamp with their beam a bit wider spread? May be a bit better for the camcorder?
  11. But i also had the same stake on Klitchko inside the distance as well....hedging your bets i think its called Plus im hoping James Degale keeps my hopes up in a couple of hours. Its been a good night so far Ooops bit big with the pics sorry.
  12. Weight training to compliment bodybuilding is a completely different concept to weight training to compliment boxing......the full body workout associated with bodybuilding would be a hindrance to a fighter.Gnasher what do you think of crossfit? I think like everything else it has its place.......i dont think its something you could rely on or do too much of but for beating staleness and adding variation i think its great.....the plyometric exercises require explosiveness so the stability as well as flexibility of joints is massively important in avoiding injury not so much to the joints themself but to muscle tissue where the joints dont allow a full range of motion........i dont believe that crossfit will give you that joint strength either so its important to have it first,hence in my opinion Crossfit is not for beginners.....but certainly the short burst high intensity exercises will always boost testosterone and therefore have its place within any exercise program.I've been at it 6 months and have never been in better shape. I've had a few niggles which I can cope with but it's the possibility of long term damage that has me dubious?? Ant ,Ive lifted for 27 years and run as you know with my past and present work ,started cross-fit last year,dropped 20LBs and it totally freshened my fitness routine up and mind ,im pulling sleighs ,tossing tyres lol i loves it I'm hooked myself mate, never thought that feeling of you lungs bursting, heart beating out of your chest, feeling like your gonna spew could be so addictive!! Lol The changes I've seen in 6 months are unreal. Are there a lot of injuries associated? I only know 2 people who've done it regularly,both ended up quite badly injured but have gone straight back to it when they could. I think for newcomers having a good coach who can recognise peoples limits is essential. Too many people are allowed to do too much, too heavy, too quick and injure themselves. Myself I've only had a few niggles in my feet and shins which I think have came from the running that's involved, I've never really ran much before and always tried to avoid it like the plague. Lol Like Gnasher has said gradually strenghening ligaments and working on mobility are the key to staying injury free.
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