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  1. Dread to think how FK did
  2. Film it and get it on you've been framed. Instant £200.
  3. You really should know better than to ask this lot
  4. I reckon he just used the ones from last weekend and got the rest out the freezer End bag with rich and phils lad in the pic Looks like a cracking days sport lads well done. Your shootings improving then rich
  5. ...The marvel’s of modern veterinary treatment eh! .....Well I never knew you could ‘remove’ an abscess. And how the feck do you strengthen a tooth?...Had an abscess removed from a dog’s side once, left a big fecking hole but I always thought tooth abscess’s had to be treated with AB’s..Well I learn something everyday Mike, dont waste your time mate REMOVE an absess!!!!!!!,...f**k OFF!! I truly hope he wises up and treats his stock with the respect they deserve. If he hasnt took that ferret to the vets Im gonna pm him, ask him his address and drive to Wales a
  6. If your going to the midland go for the whole weekend cant beat it one day to look all around then another day to take it steady and have the craic with the lads.
  7. In all fairness to Fk well done for finally getting it to the vet But as soon as a problem was nticed it should of been took 4 miles on pushbike with ferret box on your back is nothing in the season i regularly do that to get to permission and back. You need to sort your priorities out. I pray to god the kits are better looked after. Yours in sport Jordan
  8. Well the big 18 mate. I remember the first day i met you thought you were a bit strange at first. Then over the months i realised its not just a bit its a whole f*****g lot Have a good one mate get rat assed
  9. I would say good to have you aboard but i dont want to lie to you
  10. You are a waste of space!...You post fecking crap all over the web and disregard the advise that YOU asked for :realmad: For the benefit of your ferrets, when you eventually get to a vet' ask them for a small supply of Synulox AB's so that next time you have a minor problem you may be able to treat the ferret. If they do give you some tab's make sure you listen to their advise on amounts to give etc and don't fecking tell them they're wrong You dim kunt! :whistle: :ph34r:
  11. Cheers Socks hope to see you there. Think i owe you a drink if memory serves me correctly.
  12. Hoping to head up with ratkilla this year just for the record anyone got a link to the site with dates etc on?
  13. Were in for a long summer. Role on the shows then the drinking and fighting can begin :D
  14. Nothing like scrumpy to sharpen up your aim.
  15. Thats a genuine australian bushmans hat. Real leather and a bargain at $70. People may take the piss but id rather where that than the straw bonnet phil was wearing.
  16. Well ill have my two penneth worth. I got to the second page and got bored a friend once gave me some advice and i think it applies in this case. "Arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, whether you win or lose your still retarded". Y.I.S Jordan p.s. Your just not hardcore enough fellman
  17. Different area's different times get down there and check myself and Philg and some others went out last saturday ended up with 40-50 rooks.
  18. Shame i didnt get to meet ya Kye maybe next time. It is a good crack when your out with Kane and Ratkilla.
  19. I think ive said this before but my parents used to work in retail. Now Where my mum used to go and buy all the stock they sold everything You could pick up a b2 for £5, a custom b2 for £6, a b3-f for £8 and a co2 air rifle for £12 cant remember the exact make. But that just shows the mark up on these pieces of crap.
  20. Jordan

    The Matrix

    "Do ya like clowns"
  21. Couple of pictures of the bitch.
  22. You really are a tit Jordan. You come on here all high and mighty, giving advice and puling the younger lads to bits....what entitles you to do that ? It wasn't long ago you slated a young lad for his spelling and his grammar,look at your own. Whats a 'pont' ? Whats 'explaing' ? Why don't you practice what you preach ? It only takes a couple of minutes to go back and check you spelling. I remember a time when the boot was on the other foot and it was you being reprimanded for the state of your ferrets drinking bottles.....can you remember that ? No-one is perfect so surely its better to help a
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