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  1. Glad you like it mate dont see whats so funny its only the truth
  2. Good to see roo's ok, Your new dogs looking good mate. should be a beast when it matures.
  3. You openly admitted youve only ever been on one dig. So tell me why comment on something you have virtually no experience with? Not being nasty just asking a question
  4. Jordan you couldn't hit a barn door at 10 paces let alone a live animal :11: Not with your rifles i couldnt :11: You just put the scope on top and assume its zeroed dont you Phil?
  5. Ive knocked over hares with a s400 .177 a fair while back but since then ive seen the light and no way am i doing it again. Its a waste of a hare and the guns really not upto the job if yoru that desperate get a .22 rimmy or 17hmr as suggested. Or even better get a lurcher.
  6. Good to see your back out and about mate. Time to show the messers how its done :11: Oh and Big Bald and Beautiful Feck off mate If your going to make a nasty reply atleast word it so its understandable you dozy b*****d.
  7. Alright phil mate how you doing? Hope ya get the jill sorted ok and mine are doing alright. Ill get in touch properly soon. Y.I.S Jordan
  8. Sorry to hear of your loss stabs . All the best mate and chin up.
  9. From my limited experience a cradle can sometimes help. Try and set your hide up in a hedgeline, under a tree etc with the wind blowing from behind you. have your deeks laid out in a rough horshoe shape with a large opening which the pigeons can land in. As a rule of thumb pigeons dont like landing with the wind up their ass. Shells are just as good as full bodied the main benefit is that shells are cheaper than the full bodied. Y.I.S Jordan Me, and Philg after a succesful day From my limited experience a cradle can sometimes help. Try and set your hide up in a hedgeline, under a
  10. Unfortunately no i didnt bring any dogs with me wish i had though Would of been alot easier.
  11. SbS have you been on the ? Or is your spelling usually that bad?
  12. I wasnt there pads of course it wasnt as good :11: :11: There was quite a few coppers around last year though i cant remember there being riot police last year.
  13. Right sorry to bother you all and i know this perhaps isnt the best forum to put it on but the way i see it this is the section that most the aussies will be active in. Ive recently moved to tasmania (spare me the inbred jokes). Thing is i have no hunting contacts over here and am on the look out for a couple of dogs. Im thinking along the lines of bull x greyhound or maybe a couple of stag hounds. Anyway if anyone is from tasmania or knows anyone into hunting in tasmania id really appreciate it if you could give me a pm as i really need some help here lol. Also anyone from the melbourne are
  14. Without Royston id of never got into dogwork. He is a genuine dogman and i cannot say a bad thing about him. F*ck the messers royston and thank you for a entertaining thread
  15. Heres the end picture. Ill give you a ring soon Royston and we can have a chat i think i might have a few more like this saved to my comp so ill make a few alterations and get them up as well.
  16. Well as its the start of a new season in the uk i thought id post up this outing from the end of last season. I originally wrote it for an article competition but unfortunately never got round to entering. Id appreciate your honest opinions. Every cloud has a silver lining Well Saturday night I met up with my mentor and made the 130 mile journey down to the outskirts of London. We had been invited out by a young lad to help out a couple of gamekeepers who were having a big problem with foxes taking the birds from the shoot. We were staying at a genuine Dog man’s house. This man has
  17. Jordan

    Crikey mate

    Funnily enough Compo i did this before i heard about poor old steve irwin. Felt a right c**t afterwards :11: :11:
  18. Strewth mate, Went down the local shop to get the morning paper. Fair dinkum of a walk it is. When I was suddenly attacked. It was a vicous fight but luckily I managed to get the upper hand and got the little stinker in a submission hold. He soon gave up. Y.I.S Jordan p.s. Heres a pic of me and my attacker
  19. Fecking jason. Lol thanks alot mate i thought youd atleast remember my name lol. How are things with you mate. What happened to the whole im not going back there then? Why Tasmania thats a good question. Came on holiday here a few times and liked it so the family thought why not move there. So i tagged along after all its a once in a life time experience. Englands not going anywhere apart from down the shitter lol i can always come home if i want to. Y.I.S Jordan
  20. Im Sorry Royston but you just didnt have what i wanted. Kanes A fully grown experienced man. :kiss: :kiss: You can have sloppy seconds if you want though.
  21. Fair weather hunters :11:
  22. Lol Kane your just jealous of my leather coat that thing is the best :11: Ill give you a call sometime soon and have a proper chat. Remember mate my offer still stands if you ever want a holiday your more than welcome anytime. Same goes for royston and Ratkilla. Second thought you and royston can come but leave Ratkilla there. :kiss:
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