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  1. I reckon il do the same as last year make a nice 6 bird roast with all the trimmings taters parsnips sprouts roast carrots chestnut stuffing and normal. then for the next few days after it will be left overs
  2. why would i work her on rabbitt pal? surly you dont do you i mean digging after ferreted rabbits is a pain i wouldnt even own a terrier if it went to ground on a rabbit. infact this is the first ive ever heard of it but never mind each to his own ill stick to what i know best i think royston let me know how you get on with it tho hey pal! Caught out royston i bet you dont even get any rabbits you most likely photoshop them in pm me please mate
  3. All i know is i was given 3 boxes of them and they worked well roost shooting crows and rooks
  4. Pike is actually really nice in a paella or similar cook it and flake the meat of the bones. And ive snared pike the old man taught me how to also the same principal used to be used on pheasants long pole with a snare
  5. Jordan


    Me and a friend the one night were out on the piss and he was meant to be meeting up with a gal he knew so just as we got into town he did viagra ready for her. Anyway were staggering around town and he has a hard on went to go into the night club and the bouncers wouldnt let him in as apparently he was over intoxicated. they shut the doors and we were left outside so he stripped off and started sticking his dick through the letter box in the door next thing i know hes on the floor screaming the one bouncer had waited till he stuck it through and cracked it with his maglite
  6. Never trust a dog with wall eye and i stick by that one still
  7. good pics mate good too see you enjoying yourself suppose it makes a change for you to be out doing a bit
  8. Lol Its not my first rifle Sprags ive already got a sterling .22rf in the cabinet but not happy with it so i decided to upgrade. might have to sell the shotguns as well dont really have the use for them over here and thinking of applying for a .222 so yeah will have to see.
  9. .22rf yup your right mate and i believe its the same as there i had a few test shots and i think il get on fine with it so fingers crossed
  10. Just put a deposit on my new rimfire hopefully be picking it up end of next week when i have all the money together. Love at first sight Black synthetic stock stainless steel barrel and bolt and comes with 2 magazines and sights. to say im happy is an understatement just wondered what everyones opinions of them were?
  11. Bullshit mate its your opnion that there are none. A good friend of mine saw a young vixen running along side of a road a couple of years ago on his way too milk the cows in the morning. And i also know people who around ten years ago actually brought in 3 vixens and 2 dog foxes on a small boat. You believe what you want to but they are here.
  12. Bullshit there are foxes here in Tas not many but they are here. tassie devils will sneak into the den and eat the cubs but would not tackle a full grown fox
  13. I think a good terrier would take a tassie devil. a Devil would nto last up against a fox and terriers do foxes ok. I had heard about the wombats crushing things and if he uses that bone plate to block the hole dont thinkl the dog will be able to get through
  14. Got to admit is something ive wondered about also wondered about tassie devils how they would fare up againsta terrier
  15. So sorry to hear of your loss mate. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.
  16. Ive seen them and no one can persuade me otherwise i cant answer how they are getting here but they are here
  17. Oh bloody oath he is sarky mate just makes it all the funnier to be out hunting with him When you speak to him next ask him about shooting his wing mirror he was not so sarky then
  18. Real nice looking pup mate makes me wish i was back in the uk so i could of got one after seeing roystons beddy x work she is a cracking little bitch. What did you think of royston when you met him
  19. It has been known mate which is why the dog needs to take them out from the neck if it goes in low you run the risk of it being grabbed by the tail or leg which can end nasty Good to hear from you ratkilla hope your well and i will keep you updated on her and my progress
  20. Rabbit possum roo and other stuff
  21. Picked up my new bitch today staghound with a bit of greyhound in her. 4 and a half months old bit older than i wanted but needs must when the devil drives i didnt really have much choice. should make about 28-29 inches from looking at the parents. She's a bit timid at the moment but thats understandable must be a bit unnerving for her changing her surroundings. Had to knock up a temporary run quickly hence the shoddy paving in the outside bit but it will do for the rest of the week till i can get the concrete i need. and the proper weld mesh. Y.I.S Jordan
  22. Gave me a chuckle. I remember europe mate what about kansas mate Carry on my wayward son?
  23. Little loyd you really are a little boy thats a rather stereotypical statement there. So because someone listens to a certain type of music they slice their wrists? I hope this is not the case.
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