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  1. You fool Real music? come on now you must not have listened to much music mate. Agree one hundred percent mister teapot though throw in some led zepplin some pink floyd the who and the clash and maybe a bit of the cure and i think you have a good mix there.
  2. The new car smell, the smell of burning rubber. The new car paint smell. Freshly cut grass. a sea breeze and a frost the smell you get when you go out on a frosty morning.
  3. Jordan

    New project

    Cheers for the support all il keep you updated from now on cant wait to get all the chrome back on it. Il show some pics of the other one i picked up on thursday my god there is some work to do on that one.
  4. Jordan

    New project

    One guard to do now then clear coat.
  5. Jordan

    New project

    A few recent pictures a little bit more work to do but she will soon be driveable and will be dropping in either a 4aeg motor or a 3tsg not sure yet
  6. It's not our fault your a short ass
  7. Jordan

    Free music

    http://www.radioblogclub.com/ try this one have to sign up but its worth it.
  8. Jordan

    New project

    what does this beast hunt ????????????? Nothing mate cars dont usually hunt Tom i have plans to drop a v8 in there i know it can be done just need the money to do it.
  9. Jordan

    New project

    Considered it briefly tom. But as i have other plans further down the track im just going to drop the 18 rg in for now and use the 5 speed already in there. :thumbs-up:
  10. Im currently doing a mechanics course at college. Bought myself a project car to do up as well needs a fair bit of work but will be worth it in the long run have a lot lined up for it. A 1976 toyota celica Lt. Will be taking the 18rc motor out in a couple of weeks and droping in either the 18rg or the 2tg motor. Then further down the line when i have more funds will be dropping a v8 in there. But alot to do till then. The 18rc needs a new manifold gasket fitting. Car needs respraying it will probablybe a diy job got the spray guns here and the workshop to do it in. Will be resprayed a nice met
  11. Cattle will push over a plain wire fence. With barbed wire they wont. Hope your mutt makes a full recovery mate.
  12. Mate i actually thought about it already. I was seriously tempted. Then the price stopped me and it would be near enough to retiring age by the time i got it from qauruntine. Im glad your well mate il be giving you a ring in the next couple of weeks to have a catch up. :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: Grab yourself a good dog people the dam is a cracking little dog and game as hell.
  13. Funnily enough thats what i thought Was'nt 100% sure though.
  14. Cheeky fecker im english not welsh for a start and much better looking :kiss:
  15. He's an ugly b*****d aint he.Good times mate. I miss heading out with you. I owe you alot. Though i still havnt heard from you mate. Its not hard to answer a pm you know :whistle:
  16. Ditch your a legend. If you ever write a book put me down for one of the first copies Im glad youve finally got your rifle home. I can see there is going to a few more decent threads up on the site very shortly. :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up:
  17. Hey mate good to see you posting again. Im still waiting for you to ring me like you said you would at christmas
  18. Jordan


    Go HW80 instead mate :thumbs-up:
  19. Jordan


    R.I.P mate. Its just not f*****g right when shit like this happens in the last couple of weeks atleast 4 people who frequent the sites i go on have all passed away. Only the good die young. Condolences to his family.
  20. G'day people, Hope your all well, So far ive been out twice over here in aussie land, I was very lucky to become mates with a bloke who shoots so we have been going out onto a local golf course to clear up a few pests. First trip i totally forgot to take the camera, This trip i got the camera ready and left it by the front door so could only take a picture of the couple we brought home. Well the night started headed down my mates house with a full moonlighting the way for me had a quick cuppa and a smoke then jumped in the truck and headed off for the golf course. As we were pulling up at the
  21. Dont use young dogs on mink mate they will make a mess of your dogs. a pissed off mink is not a pretty site.
  22. Seen both parents and can assure you its spaniel x pointer
  23. Cheers mate still got another one or two to get for real work though
  24. Picked up my new bitch on saturday she's a german pointer x spaniel. It was an accidental mating but luckily both parents are workers. Shes showing promise all ready hunting up and using her head she is sitting ok at the moment and comes to her name not willing to rush it yet plenty of time for that yet. Well heres a few pics anyway. Yours in sport Jordan
  25. Sorry to hear that Vim what happened mate?
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