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  1. Danny-Macca

    keegan gone agan

    Heard that on skysports aswell mate, he's not gone but has had talks both yesterday and today.
  2. Danny-Macca

    Going all old school

    Nice one fella
  3. Danny-Macca


    just try covering the light up with something maybe?
  4. Danny-Macca

    Fully Scaled RIP

    That's a nice fish too mate... Was the fish caught regularly?
  5. Danny-Macca

    new pb

    Well done fella
  6. Danny-Macca

    an afternoons chubing.

    Nice one mate, looks like a good day was had
  7. Danny-Macca

    nice bit of pussy

    Have you got any pics mate? would be good to see some fish from over there.
  8. Danny-Macca


    I bet that would have hurt though !!
  9. Danny-Macca

    pike gags

    That is one piece of equipment that you would never find within my fishing tackle. I think they are legal, but every pike angler that you talk to would advise you never to use them !!
  10. Danny-Macca


    If you get snagged on something on the other side of the lake, pond etc. The best way to retrieve the end tackle is to place the rod tip under the water and walk back slowly or keep putting more tension on to the line ensuring the tip stays under the water. By doing this you can be sure that the lead wont come flying past your head !! The water will slow the lead right down, allowing you to retireve the tackle by reeling in as normal.
  11. Danny-Macca


  12. Danny-Macca


    I remember seeing this a few years ago on another forum, just done a search and found it again... I bet this hurt !! A link to the BBC website, full story - Click Here... Macca...
  13. Danny-Macca

    Fox warrior XT Tip ring

    I have also heard good reports about the customer service at Fox International... Just thought I would let you know
  14. Danny-Macca

    summer fishing

    Good little watch mate Have you taken the pics yourself, or have you just compiled a few of the internet? Nice easy watch anyway mate Macca...
  15. Danny-Macca

    top gear special

    Parts of the show can be seen on Youtube... Click Here !!