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  1. Fecking hell just when i thought all the messers had left thehuntinglife you turn up :11: Nice to have you back Vim Y.I.S Jordan
  2. Nothing wrong with ratting with ferrets As long as you use your head A jill of mine which philg now owns Was entered into a rat sett and bolted aropund 30ish rats only got bit once and that was because it was a stop end. If the ferrets got the knack then why waste it Im sure millet will have something to say about this.
  3. Back legs in which ever hand your strongest with eg right or left then foot on its head and pull up.
  4. Jordan

    gun B.A.N

    Bullet from what ive read of yours your a muppet. Plain as day. You say yourelf kids with weapons and the flak comes back to us so we put airguns on a ticket then there surely wont be as much flak coming our way. As Baldie said if people have a ticket they cant afford to get in scrapes with the law, surely this will reduce the crime levels and maybe sort out some of the yob's around today If your a law abiding citizen what have you got to fear?
  5. Jordan


    Molly you mean 6 seconds past 6 :ph34r:
  6. Animals of farthing wood now there was a tv program. Used to be glued to that.
  7. Good pics and an ok bag as usual
  8. links wernt working for some reason.
  9. Well was P*ssing it down this morning but had arranged to go out with Philg again this afternoon. Got round his about 12 and was out on the field about 1ish. Set up and settled down to get soaked in the constant down pour. Very slow sport at first with me missing the first two birds :oops: All respect to phil he did give me the most chances today and i appreciate it a nicer bloke you couldnt meet. My ration i have to admit was pretty damn appauling due to me not giving them enough lead. Oh well live and learn i ended up with 12 birds for probably 70ish shots. And Phil finished with 10 for p
  10. Fecking hell lads 6 pages over 4 cubs lol Keyboard warriors always come out over the summer. I think kane is taking some undue stick here. He may be a messer. He may be a piss taker and ok he may be a wanker but he's a more genuine guy than many on here
  11. Covering up your mistake p&g
  12. Yes stabs will be getting a couple of hounds when im out there.
  13. Going to have to set up a huntinglife club in australia See you guys there End of july ill be moving over with family. First of all to tasmania but will probably end up on the mainland.
  14. But why take pictures and put up on a forum. As has been said killing cubs is no real test its just a job.
  15. Can you pay for camping when ya get there.
  16. Seems to be alot of that on these forums of late :ph34r: :ph34r:
  17. Chrissy you seem a wanker so why not crawl back under the rock you came from.
  18. No way do you walk 2 miles a day pads
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