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  1. Guy is a messer. Has sold 2 bitches and a litter of pups in the last few months. This bitch WILL almost certainly be shite. Cheers. FTB
  2. Levels of scum in society - 1. Murderers. 2. Rapists. 3 Peadophiles. 4. People who shoot hares.

  3. Yea we have them around here aswell. We call them WANKERS FTB
  4. I wanted a single dog box for the back of my rangie but was quoted over 400 quid for it Can't believe how expensive they are. Trying to hold on for a bit and see if any second hand ones come up on ebay Sometimes second hand ones on their website mate for half reasonable money. FTB
  5. For a small van I would not look past the caddy, but doubt if you will get one decent for less than 3k. Astras and combos are good aswell but as with most there are things to look out for. FTB
  6. Probably been clocked, no service history, 8 years old 88,000 miles Very few vans will do as little as 10,000 miles a year, thats granny mileage. I wouldnt touch it. Fuel pumps on astras are prone to going shortly after 100,000 miles. FTB
  7. You obviously assosciate with alot of c**ts. Not a good image you are painting of yourself. FTB
  8. Who made the dog boxes for ye ftb there smart Bottom ones are made by trans K9, there about £600 new , but got them for £180 second hand off a friend(result). Top ones are made by gamehawker off here, £190 posted. I highly recommend them, strong, light and look built to last. He will make them to any size you want and send them within a week or so. FTB
  9. As for what I drive, a humble Caddy van. Excellend wee vans so they are. I use mine mostly at night, cruising homosexual hot-spots but also travell the length and breadth of the country during show season FTB
  10. Christ! Still looking 5 hours after you started, I must say I am surprised. FTB
  11. Agree with hedz about the bottoming out thing they are silly low to the ground and the 4wd transfer box is the lowest point on the sump so a few dubts and its a 300 quid garage job. Have a navara at work too Nd its much nicer to drive but seems just as gutless and much heavier. Would have a hilux all day long instead of them. All pickups are shite offroad in comparison to a short wheel base. FTB
  12. looks like he needs a piss No mate he's got his ferret down his trousers. Thats what LUMPHAMMER looks like when a handsome young man walks past, trying to hide his boner lol FTB
  13. Your no dogman in my eyes, past or present. Anyone who was into it in a big way could never stoop that low. The ultimate althlete in the Brittish countryside completely outmatched by a triggerhappy fool. Sad. And before you say anything I did and still do my fair share of shooting when neccesary. FTB
  14. I've eaten off dirtier plates than that before FTB
  15. Your worse than RFYL. Only difference being his photos were crystal clear and he had a small porche, supermodel girlfriend and 38 inch cock. FTB
  16. It probably was at this time of year it would have been well on, considering they give birth to their young in May . They are pregnant during the normal stalkers doe cull so makes no odds really. Well it does really as after January 31st we accept that the pregnancy is that far forward we generally leave them alone unless they are infirm or showing signs of being injured where only then we consider from a point of view to cull it, but a healthy animal normally would be left to carry it pregnancy through. During the Doe cull from after 31st January we concentrate on last years doe k
  17. Exactly...what a load of bollocks. Anyhting they see killed by a dog is always "ripped to shreds"..............idiots!! Although i'm glad these dogs have been picked up. Hopefully they'll go to someone who look after them and not just ditch them when the going gets tough. more like they will put the the dogs down, and as above (ripped to shreds) big dogs like that dont think so.? If it was in the day any type of dog will go for deer its natural, seen a boxer go for 1 in the day it nearly died of heart attack not built to run lol. had a border terrier that would lock on to to bullock
  18. No idea, but the man holding it looks like a good friend of Joeseph Fritzl. FTB
  19. Read carefully stop end...no messers. Everyone on here knows you fit very snuggly into that category. FTB
  20. Bunch of queers the lot of you. Good scraping of butter is all they need. FTB
  21. Box only, used for 3 or 4 seasons. Very good condition. £200 posted via paypal. No offers. No messers, No dreamers. FTB
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