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  1. Hey up lads, Is it possible to remove the cylinder on a tamper proof AA S400 And also I seem to be having difficulty removing the barrel, which is supposed to be retrained via 2 grub screws located in the top side of the action block. The reason I need to remove them is so I can have them dipped. ATB NATHAN
  2. Cheers for your reply lads, I will be sure to give it a go and am sure I will get there eventually
  3. Oryt fellas I have just bought an air arms s400 and need to remove the barrel to be cleaned and polished to bare metal, I am familiar with stripping these guns and have removed the small grub scree located on the top of the action but it still wont budge any others had similar issues with aa pcps and if so hoe did you solve it, Thanks in advance
  4. Evening chaps, Here is a pic of my project gun it was bought as a clapped out mess of a gun and after a lot of money and hard work it would rival most pcps and shoots groups of half inch at 40 yards here is a list of what I have done up until now 1)refurbed stock 2)full action deburr including cylinder and piston 3)upgraded piston seal 4)buttoned piston with delrin rings 5)cut down titan spring to reduce preload 6)full trigger strip down and all sears mirror polished 7)trigger springs replacing along with blade 8)barrel shortened to 10.5 inches, recrowned 9)bsa silencer
  5. Will do mate do you know how I could post the barrel to them
  6. I will certainly give them a try mate thanks
  7. Evening guys, I need someone in the northeast that can put a 1/2 inch UNF thread on the end of my hw barrel so it can accommodate a silencer can someone please help me
  8. Evening all, Pis anyone on here signed up for anston HFT on Sunday ATB, Nathan.
  9. The thing is moxi I hope they don't get the chance to become used to it
  10. Well after trying it out tonight it gives a very saturated red light, it does reduce output but not by much, still very usable out to 50 yards I'm pleased to say, I will post some pics up
  11. Haha getting a bit creeped out now I'm looking for a shooting buddy not a humping buddy
  12. Haha moxi I suppose your right and I wish I could help you walshie
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