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  1. sauer

    Wader spray

    If your looking for a waterproofer for waders then go for Repel from diverdaves wader repair. ive used for years and I treat all my shooting gear, my waders, I’ve done my tent , I know people who have treated horse blankets & the brother n law even tried it on his wife’s Ugg boots and the water just beads straight off!! just spray the item , let it dry in them get the item warm, hang over a radiator or in an airing cupboard etc... and for me the price of £8.50 for a 250ml bottle is cheaper then a lot of other stuff I’ve tried . get it on eBay there are listings for 1x 2x 4x 8x or even 20x. Bottles.. just type in diver dave repel. or got to his website direct https://sites.google.com/site/wadersrepairs/repel
  2. sauer

    Woodga Top Man

    Anyone know how to contact Woodga ? I'd really like to get some snares made up Paul
  3. sauer

    How Much Venison

    3lb if your hoping for leftovers & then make stovies ! Paul
  4. cheers guys .... looks like ill be going down the older wh road..... probably a 35 cheers paul
  5. sauer

    Wrong Time Of Day!

    frustrating but it sounds like you have good relationship with landowner.... lucky position not to b e sniffed at I guess... always next time .... and you get bugger all sitting in front o the tv... if anything got a quick walk , was seen to be doing summit by landowner ... all plus points :-) paul
  6. cheers guys think I may have found a hw35 local ish from an older gent whos had it since new apparently mid 80's sooooo depending on prce if its in my range ( hopefully ) see what happens thanks for advice paul
  7. hi folks right eh ho I have a Hatsan at-44 pcp that I am extremey happy with for mucking bout with ...excellent value weapon ... im thinking bout getting a springer so I can practice off of my shooting sticks to partially simulate / practice stick shooting that I would do with my deer centre fire rifles due to stuff going on as we all have im limited to small budget so looking for real experiences on various make / models from those that used them....wouldn't mind a near full power model incase I wanted to do a bit o bunny stalking with it as well. I just heard bout the hatsan striker edge that just released ...anybody used that? cheers folks paul
  8. sauer

    Tx200 Fancy A Change..

    Nothing to swap but would this sell outright ? If so how much ? But would require postage as well if you be would consider that also ? Paul
  9. hi folks just never thought bout one before but now want to have a plink with one, nknow nowt bout em but saw that on youtube guy called gamekeeper john did some nice ones.....cant seem to find his shop or contact details...assuming no longer making them????? sooo. any advice or links to summit similar as above any advice appreciated cheers sauer
  10. pics now added cheers sauer / paul
  11. hi folks scope for sale Schmidt & bender 8x56mm Hungarian 30 mm tube comes with original box bikini covers butler creek on objective end ( eye piece one broke so not there) lense cloth very very good condition as new glass is unmarked pics available if reqd According to this link http://www.schmidtbender.com/reticlesstandard.htm It's reticle no7 Three thicker stadia graduating into thinner stadia and vertical is thin from top down £425 posted paul
  12. hi there im completley new to snaring rabbits and im in scotland ..i believe its now illegal to snare using snares that do not have a stop/ deerstop on them ive seen them for sale online but trapworks and the like dont sell anything i could add /crimp onto exisiting snares to make em legal any ideas what i could use or where i could buy such a thing? also anyone got a link to a detailed copy of said legislation? cheers sauer
  13. cracking fish Dave!!!! whats with the stubble? thats no like you dear boy!!! heheheheheheee sauer
  14. christ i mind when that was taken!!!!!!!!!! done it again since...bugger missed it hows things dave been gettin a shot? ill gie you a phone sauer