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  1. Sorry for late reply, haven't been on the forum in donkeys. I was considering bismuth and for how much I'd be going out after ducks, the price isn't too bad, thank you for the feedback
  2. Ah cheers mate. The syndicate is just over the border and in th e middle of nowhere but me and some of the lads on the syndicate are hoping we can put some feed out and see if we get any to come in this season
  3. Cheers for the feedback mate. How long have you been shooting this aya with steels by any chance?
  4. Hi everyone. Was hoping to have an attempt at some duck shooting on a few small splashes on a syndicate I’m on this coming season and was wondering about the more experienced Fowler’s opinions on using non steel proofed AYA sbs, choked 1/2 or under with standard velocity steel cartridges as I know that a steel proofed gun would be needed for HP steels. Just wanting something I can beat up without crying about it. feel free to share your thoughts
  5. God knows mate. You've had them all at one point or another. Gunmakers can't keep up with you haha. Smashing guns them mate
  6. Looks like a great permission that mate
  7. Well after a while of trying to get decent enough groups with this thing I’ve come to the conclusin, this thing doesn’t like scopes and kicks back off every set of mounts I’ve put on it including a one piece. Guess I’m on the search for a new rear sight haha
  8. Cheers mate. Thanks for the helpful tips. Going to try and get some pics of the groups it’s doing now
  9. Aye exactly and I’m going to mate, don’t worry need to get out on the perm sometime and a bag a rabbit or 2
  10. I havnt reblued her mate. The blueing is actually really good for the age with no rust anywhere. May do the stock up and if I can I'll fix the screw heads as they're a bit mangled and I want to keep it as stock as possible. Is shooting really accurate now mind
  11. Got one of my 3-9x40 scope on the now spray painted one piece mount kindly donated by big Mac. Cheers mate Still makes a crack when it goes off but is now shooting far smoother and less twangy sounding than it was before the piston was polished and the piston head and top hat fitted. Grouping very well now
  12. Can’t quite remember. Might of been wheat but I’m not too sure
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