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  1. Haven't posted for a long while on here but I'm really interested to find out what your local Rabbit population is like at the mo and previous seasons .. I've been ferreting for 30 years now and have currently got permission on 10 farms, 2 estates and a few odd jobs like horse paddocks/small holdings in the North Wales and Cheshire area's. Numbers on ALL of the said permission is as low as I ever remember. I feel I'm more of a conservationist nowadays and rarely use nets, preferring to bolt to the dog. My rimfire hasn't been out the cabinet in god knows how long. Some of these plac
  2. Have you still got that collar mate? I did send you a pm. Cheers
  3. Cheers lads. @Richynkelly.. I'll message you if I've not sorted one by then.
  4. Only got the 8ft caps on there as far as I can see? Anyone on here got a spare?
  5. As above.. does anyone have any for sale or know where I can get some spares. Cheers
  6. Rabbit walks into a bar and sits down. Landlord comes over and asks "what can I do you for?" I'll have a pint of lager and a cheese toastie please. Drinks his pint, eats his toastie and buggers off. Second night, the rabbit walks in and orders a pint and a cheese and ham toastie. Drinks his pint, eats his toastie and buggers off. Third night, he walks in orders a pint and cheese and onion toastie. Drinks his pint, eats his toastie and buggers off. The next night there's no sign of the rabbit at the pub. Landlord asks about to see if anyone knows anything.. A bloke says
  7. Had a few hours out with a mate this morning. Just did one big warren that we've been waiting for the cover to die back on. It's 100 plus holes and some are nightmare to get near, so we put the long nets and few a few stop nets down with about pure nets. Only had 4 working ferrets with us and a few young uns but it was a quick start with a few bolting from unseen holes in the cover and they then proceeded to exit via THE only spot we couldn't get a net.. It was steady then as we moved down the sett with the ferrets. Finished with 10, dogs picked a couple up and the rest in the
  8. Especially when he gets his old man to drop him off there with his mate and it's 25 miles from where he lives! You live and learn...
  9. Alright lads, well my usual hunting partners don't want to go as often as they used to, so I'm looking for someone local ish to the Wirral/North Wales who's available on mainly Sundays to tag along. Got a fair bit of permission for ferreting and the dogs but also do a bit with the shotguns and lamping with the rimfire. But ferreting and dog work comes first for me. Preferably looking for someone who can offer days on their land now and then as a change of scenery. Bringing a young lurcher on this year so be nice to get her out with an experienced dog. I took a lad out off her
  10. Alright lads. As above, has anyone got any kits for sale around the above areas? Cheers.
  11. Had a steady morning out up in the hills with a mate of mine. All hedgerow warrens, full of the usual suspects..blackthorn, Hawthorne and holly! Long nets and stop nets where the order of the day, with the odd purse net dotted about. One of us each side of the hedge and both whippets working the hedge as they pleased. My young whippets still learning the ways of the long net and followed a few coneys into it like a steam train..but it's all good experience! Finished the day on 12 one of which was a mixy. Not bad numbers for that neck of the woods. Couple of shallow digs and full of tho
  12. Thanks for the comments. We're lucky that we can drive on most of our permissions. Makes life a lot easier. It's the chap in the backgrounds landy, spent a few quid on it as you can see. Just had mine resprayed myself but im scared to scratch it now !
  13. Hi mate, seem like marmite on here but I've put thousands of subs through mine, different makes etc and it hasn't missed a beat. Shoot as many as my mate does with his cz. I'd say the cz is slightly more accurate but I don't miss many! I've had a few mods done, trigger a must in my book. Not everyones cup of tea but they've sold millions for a reason. My 2pence worth.
  14. We hada couple of hours out with the rimmy the other evening, finished up with 16 but these pics where took before we had finished. Just shooting out the landy window, was easy pickings but only wanted to take a few as its good ferreting land but the farmer was onto us saying there's loads about so we had to show face. Lucky enough to pick up 5 more farms this summer and there's loads around up here this year.They all want me out now.. not a summer hunter but rather me than someone else. Is good fun bunny bashing with the rimmy though! B&W
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