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  1. Nice animals both - was the NZ a free range animal or from private ground?
  2. Boghossian

    My red stag saga

    Very interesting to hear - of course it must be difficult to prove the impact of wolf (and lynx?) on game populations - do they impact any species more than others (roe, red or boar)?
  3. Boghossian

    Driven hunting in Romania

    Very interesting - do you normally do 2-3 drives a day or 9-10 shorter drives like I have seen in Poland. I imagine the biggest boar are shot at night over feeders - do you hunt by moonlight (or lamp light...)? I will contact you when it comes time to come hunt in Romania!
  4. Boghossian

    red stag called out

    nice animal - did you weigh it?
  5. Boghossian

    My red stag saga

    These are very high quality trophies - very nice Carpathian red deer. It is nice to hear about real wilderness hunting in Europe, not just fenced areas. Do you feed the stags in the winter? The fallow is also a beauty - much better than the bucks we see in the majority of England. I hope you are offered better rates than the tourist hunters - hunting in Romania is very expensive by the looks of things!
  6. Boghossian

    Hunting With Caracal, Cheetah And Leopard?

  7. Boghossian

    Worked Hard For This One !

    Nice menil colour for a winter doe.
  8. Boghossian

    One In Three

    Nice story. Fallow can be so unpredictable, one minute dissapearing like ghosts through the trees and the next, the same group will let you shoot a few of them before decamping. Is your tripod a camera tripod? After many years of avoiding all supports, I've started stalking with bipod sticks (B&Q version) again.
  9. Boghossian

    Fallow Buck This Morning

    You'll find that fallow liver is delicious - just not during the rut. They even change colour during the rut and look more pink rather than dark red. Same buck in August would taste much better. His meat will also taste strong, though not as bad as the liver.
  10. Boghossian

    Hunting Arrows

    No more illegal than selling or buying a hunting knife!
  11. Boghossian

    Fallow Stalking

    At this time of year with no ground cover, they will come out very early and very late so those are your best chances to intercept them. Otherwise some people stick a bale of hay in a convenient location.
  12. Boghossian

    tips on how to convince farmers

    All good tips - remember to tell him how many you are actually seeing. If he doesn't keep a look out for them, he will believe there are only 'one or two about' which means there are probably dozens he is unaware of. If all else fails, cash. Or at least offer to pay him for the dealer value of any venison you shoot.
  13. Boghossian

    Trip to Bristol last night

    Nice buck indeed - is he worth measuring? What time do you expect most bucks to come out? I always wonder what time to start stalking on the basis that you bump into them at the oddest times sometimes. Middle of the afternoon even.
  14. Boghossian

    A wander round Wiltshire..........

    Nice shooting Martin! Bet you'll be glad when they've finished moulting, that thing will have put hair everywhere... Apparently too much oilseed rape can make a roe deer go blind but it is common to see them in rape fields and they sure bugger off fast enough!
  15. How many points on the antlers (if Male) G)How many Calfs its carrying (if Female) H)Likelyhood of TICs or Bott fly I am sure the more experienced guys on here can add a few more?????? Hi mate, can you tell us how to determine how many foetuses and likelihood of ticks by looking at the tracks? Thanks G