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  1. biriuck

    Cooking an animal hunted by you

    A nice summer morning, a young roebuck, some fresh mushrooms, hot chili peppers, garlic, juniper seeds, white wine. Mix them all and don't burn the meat Then...enjoy!
  2. biriuck

    Bear hunting in Romania

    The permit for the other one is sold, the offer from this topic is no longer available
  3. biriuck

    Bear hunting in Romania

    For the ones that are looking for adrenaline, nothing beats a driven hunt for bears The animals are running and are chased by dogs. Hard to beat that Anyway, one of the problem bears was shot by a gamekeeper a few days ago after he was spotted near the village. The stomach was full of pork meat and he had the teethes damaged (possible after he was trying to escape a snare). It's a male and is evaluated at ~400 CIC points.
  4. biriuck

    Bear hunting in Romania

    How big is that bear? This price is that high because of the size of the animal. For a reference, I'm adding a picture with a gold medal bear (~310 CIC points) and a friend of mine near him. My friend is taller than me, ~1.90m. Well the bear from this offer is over 500 CIC points! That is big!
  5. biriuck

    Bear hunting in Romania

    I agree and I don't like this either. It was a time when regular people just hunted bears during driven hunts with no exceptional cost added. Then, the foreign hunters interest increased the price way over the budget of an average hunter. Now, with this ridiculous small number of licenses allowed, the pressure is even bigger. My hunting club has a license now and that was sold for 4000+Euros (to a member!)
  6. I could not tell if this offer is good or bad because is too much paperwork with a foreign hunter and this offer is also mixed with some tourist visiting &stuff. I just had a nice lunch (and few beers with some UK hunters in Reading) and I could understand now why are you surprised about the prices. In UK you could simply shot all the deer that are passing trough your property during the hunting season but in Romania, the state is the owner of the game and we have a fixed number of roe bucks to hunt for each hunting area. The average price for a Romanian hunter is 180-200 Euro/buck (no matter the size). This is a "members only" price, if you want to hunt a buck on another club you will pay ~300Euros or even a very high price for big trophies (0.6 Kg +) I'm not discouraging anyone to come and visit my country. If you are targeting large trophies then you could find some (but at high price, especially due to the "man in the middle"). If your budget is limited then you should just save the money for something that you could not get in UK (like a chamois, a well organized driven hunt at wild boars, a big stag or a bear)
  7. biriuck

    Bear hunting in Romania

    A bear has no problem with any kind of fences. They are very good climbers. (many car accidents due to that, they are able to climb the fences that are used to block other animals from crossing the roads in some areas)
  8. biriuck

    Bear hunting in Romania

    ...new damage from this bear
  9. biriuck

    Bear hunting in Romania

    I post this for a friend of mine, an experienced hunter and outfitter from Romania who asked me to help him with one announcement about a last minute offer for a bear hunting. As some of you already know, bear hunting in Romania was stopped a few years ago and a combination of government incompetence and "green" NGO lobby is preventing us from reopening the bear hunting as it was before EU integration. This is happening despite the fact that they are doing great damage to the farmers and they are even killing and hurting peoples. In some special occasions (like too much damage done to the farmers), a hunting permit is issued for that bear. Anyway, the nature of such a permit is forcing the hunting organization that is managing the area to take a quick action and is often very difficult to obtain the proper value of that animal. In this specific case, the bear is big and is estimated to be way bigger than 500 CIC points. The price for the entire package is 10.000 Euro - fixed price, no matter how large the bear will be. This is including trophy fee & 4 days guided hunting 1:1 5 days accommodation with full board Romanian Hunting License Assistance throughout the hunting Planning a hunting ground (holes, huts, tents and camouflage towers, decoys, callers and others) Return transfers between the airport and the hunting district All transport in the hunting district The normal price for a bear of 500 CIC points is ~15000E but this offer is valid only until 16 April 2019. For more details about the offer, call the outfitter directly: +40 753 098 098 Mr. Adrian Matei His site gallery could be consulted here: https://huntinromania.com/galleries/brown-bear/ @ForumAdministrators If this post is somehow against the policy of this forum, please delete it. I'm not here for marketing.
  10. biriuck

    Wild boar hunting in Romania

    Many, many things are completely changed since then. You could buy anything you like, all you need to do is to be healthy and work in order to have the money for it Back then it was just one shooting/hunting magazine (with content approved by the party, of course ) The 2 males are quartered, frozen and labeled. After my flight back home, I will cut the best parts for myself and the rest will be sent to a butcher for salami. The fact that they had almost no fat is very good and allows us to keep them longer in the freezer.
  11. biriuck

    Wild boar hunting in Romania

    After the end of the last driven hunt season, I had 2 individual permits remaining. They are valid until 14 May and I had enough time to stalk for at least one big male. Since it was no hurry, I started to hunt in the mountains because we could always find a big solitary male in the huge forests. They are not afraid of wolves and even a bear will think twice before attacking such a male because it has great armor, it is very strong and it has 2 sharp knives. Such a male will rarely go down from here and they are rarely responding to baiting. You need strong legs and time to spend in the woods and I had both but with no luck. At least I enjoyed the nature I also spent some weekends on other types of hunting, like a pheasant driven shot and a fox & jackal hunt. I was still calm because I had time and I also had some nice tracks in 2 areas. Suddenly, I was notified that I need to fly to UK and work there for 4 weeks. Right after my return we also have the orthodox Easter and I realized that I may loose both permits. I decided to just spend a few nights and shoot any male I could find. I had some luck this time, I was also helped by the full moon and I managed to shot my first male on 2019. Not a big one, a young male of ~100kg. It was late in night and I have no picture from this. 2 nights before my flight I was back in the woods, waiting for another one. And I was lucky again This male was 4-5 years old, it is not impressive but it is a nice one. At the same age, this would be twice this size in the plains area because he would have huge crops near him. I had time only to extract his tusks and to fill them with resin (the ones from the left, 20,00 and 20,50 cm long). I will fix them on a wooden plate when I will be back in Romania.
  12. biriuck

    Hello From Romania

    I'm in Swindon until April 17. Anyone around for sharing some beers and some hunting stories?
  13. biriuck

    Wild boar hunting in Romania

    A picture sent to me by a friend who organizes nice wild boar hunts
  14. biriuck

    Wild boar hunting in Romania

    The driven hunt season for wild boar is ending in Romania (allowed until last day of this month), I had some great hunts and I managed to shot 3 piglets in total. No big boar in my scope at driven hunts but my "luck" does not surprise me To be honest, I had a 3 years old male boar in 25m from me but the slug was diverted by a tree branch and he went away. 2 of my piglets. Small but tasty It was not the case for my friends, a nice season for most of them... A gold medal boar hunted by a gamekeeper 2 weeks left, hopefully I will have the chance to shot at least one big boar this season. If not, no problem, we are allowed to hunt wild boar males all year but the method will change in order to not disturb the sows (high seat and stalking)