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  1. cassshantia


    hi collie , its lee just letting you know the bitch out of the same litter (holly)had her 1st rabbit last night and did well enough for me been her 1st outing also she had a little run on a bigger rabbit and again impressed me ,they look in good nick i'll post a recent one of holly when i get time there all peas out of the same pod .i thought you only got a dog pup ?when did you get the bitch ?is it the one trev kept back (the runt)or does he still have her ? i weighed and measured holly last week shes 27"tts and 57lb in weight ,well racy lovely turn of speed ,got her jumping around 4 ft both solid and wire fencing still very puppy ish as like you say 10 month old . i cant wait to get her full time next season to see her graft ,what syour plans for the pure bred bitch?are you going into breeding or not ? happy hunting and good to see the litter doing so well
  2. cassshantia

    game record book

    hi thanks for the replies ,ive been to gilson s its about 1 hr away,i live near whitby, we shoot the normal birds ,pheasants mainly but also we have neighbouring shoots so we get the odd partridge, but pigeon, duck ,jay ,magpie,rook ,carrion all get hit sometimes during the shoots
  3. cassshantia

    game record book

    thanks for that reply lee
  4. can anyone send me a link so i can purchase a record book for the up and coming season where it has lists of species so i can record what we have shot throughout the year many thanks lee
  5. cassshantia

    Running a bitch in heat

    my mate never runs his dogs as their joints etc swell ready for mating
  6. cassshantia

    have a look at these beauts lol

    ive only ever seen one in the north east around my permission ,on a lamping outing pre ban years ago,my dogs we off the lead as i was walking back to the vehicle in the dark they took off after something so i flicked the lamp on only to see a aminal with a arse end and cow and large antlers,the dogs got nowhere near as this thing just took off like the wind what a sight
  7. cassshantia

    F.A.O Davey.

    rabbits and rats only dave have fun with him and let me know how he s shaping up as my bitch will be a year old in nov cheers lee
  8. cassshantia

    past and presant dh x

    nice pic terv i thought mine was tailed like a rat but come on lol good steering arm on him there bud i got them dvd s ta and sent you a e mail regarding info and sent something thru the post for you
  9. cassshantia

    past and presant dh x

    hi bill i just love that rough black one you mailed it to me before (was it kevs ) just looks the real deal solid as a rock and lovely confrontation allround
  10. cassshantia

    heres holly @6 months

    the sire was a dog called BOOTS im not sure what % of doxhope is in him or bussard but i think its all doxhope for now as trevor purchased alot of bills stuff, only trevor and bill can put you in the right direction he also has bitches from doxhope too , i know he has purchased a deerhound dog pup from scotland with good strong irish blood in it ,this pup will be about a year old or just under,but not sure if trev had bought again since i picked my bitch up as for the lugs bill she has always had the ears dropped forward into her eyes i think they look cute (soft get eh lol) cheers for the comments
  11. cassshantia

    heres holly @6 months

    hi trev she'll be 30 wks today and just measured her and now she's still @26" so she s not grown for last 4 weeks so she maybe finally settling down i'll be happy @ 26/27" for what stuff i want to take with her hope your all ok
  12. cassshantia

    heres holly @6 months

    still a little knuckle left and one of her stalking the jackdaws
  13. cassshantia

    heres holly @6 months

    another couple one of her jacket and one of her head
  14. cassshantia

    heres holly @6 months

    here she is @ 6 months 26" tts not an ounce of fat on her as she just runs about after the lab and other lurcher
  15. cassshantia

    deerhound x grayhound

    hi collie , its lee ,i got the first bitch pup off this litter and what a little beaut (well should say big beaut) she is 23 and 1/4 inch now solid as a rock and now has started to fend for herself, she now as well as gaffering the lab now she finding her feet with my lurcher ,hope it does nt kick off when they try to sort who s the dominant bitch, ive had her dummie training down side of garden and had feather in her mouth ,just need to get a rabbit skin to stitch to this dummie , one bad point with her is that she s not 100 % kennel clean in her run yet had the odd accident i'll get some pics of her over the weekend and post them on a new topic .with old and new pics to show how much shes changed. glad yours is doing well im going to get her in with the lambs this week with a long rope and get her used to them ,shes ok with my chickens now after only 3 visits cant wait for her to start working but im in no rush as people on here have been very helpful with info regarding entering these outstanding lurchers size and mental wise catch you all later lee