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  1. Any terrier/lurcher shows this Sunday around East Midlands?
  2. Any thing going off around East Midlands bank holiday Monday??
  3. scooterist

    Dove Valley Minkhounds

    Does anyone have post code and start times?
  4. Definitely Saturday? ?
  5. scooterist

    Kennel And Run

    Cheers zig,probably should have took photos whilst still up,think I'll get some chickens
  6. scooterist

    Kennel And Run

    Still for sale/swop
  7. scooterist

    Kennel And Run

    Price reduction £120,pictures don't do it justice.
  8. scooterist

    Kennel And Run

    Another picture.
  9. scooterist

    Kennel And Run

    Another picture.
  10. scooterist

    Kennel And Run

    Sorry all crap on computers,forgot to say fully sectional and already taken down.
  11. scooterist

    Kennel And Run

    8ftx4ft kennel and run for sale.I have just refurbished it,giving it a coat of creosote ,re-covered the roof and replaced any dodgy boards. £150ono..consider swap/deal on decent mountain bike or wacker plate . located in Nottingham
  12. scooterist


    Any terrier/lurcher shows tomorrow in the Nottinghamshire area???
  13. How was it today?Worth a trip out?
  14. scooterist

    Fell Pups

    Its makes me laugh on here,when some people put pups for sale on here,they get loads of stick,but when anyone with a bit of a reputation does it no one says a dickie bird.If everyone on here"gifted" every pup they bred,then no one would need to buy ,but the reality is they don't. Simple As.In my experience i would prefer to pay for a pup,you pay your money and take your chance . Don't ruin the lads post.Nice pups by the way. Better photos might help though.
  15. scooterist

    Dog Pen

    I'm working away till the weekend, I'll try and sort some then ok.