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  1. Just had my Four Jills jabbed, and I've never noticed them eating anymore after the jab, also takes a couple of weeks for there bits to go back to normal. Your supposed to get them jabbed before they come into season the vet told me, but I always miss it and two had already come in. Also touch wood never had any come back into season after the jab.
  2. Thanks I'll try them together again, it's probably me panicking and splitting them up sooner. I've two sleeping areas for them, so they can escape each other.
  3. One of my Jill's had kits 14 wekks ago kept two, rest re-homed at 9 weeks. Tried returning her to the big aviary I have with the rest of the ferrets but she just keeps attacking one of my other Jill's? Fine with the older Jill and my hob and she's coming off worse as well! These two used to be always playing before?? So now she's back in the small hutch with the older Jill just for company. My question is has anybody had this and did the Jill eventually calm down, is it hormones and why just attack just one of the Jill's
  4. I'll be buzzing if they stay Silvers, just wasn't sure at how old they are when they get their adult colours
  5. Proper late to be having Kits, but this is the Jill that lost her last litter, she came back in season so thought I'd try again. Kits are four weeks today. My question is what colour do you think the ones that are lighter grey might turn out to be ? Only bred two other litters before and they were Albino to a Sandy, so all started white then went darker. The Hob used is a lighter brown than my Jill. Also, my other two Jills and one castrated hob have been moved into another hutch and I left her in the big avairy, what age of the kits do you think I can bring them back in?
  6. Depending where you live, Friendly Vets, Sowerby Bridge charged me £22 for two Jill's and I just got my males castrated, makes life a whole lot easier. Don't have to be splitting the males up in summer and they don't stink either.
  7. Chuff me they have disappeared, thought they made the Terrier Boxes as well? I won't be chucking my locator under the hedge to my mate this season
  8. Deben are still fixing Mk3 Boxes or they was, fixed mine in Feb this year
  9. Deben still sell them, I got one start of this year for my MK3, think it was £4
  10. Mine has to be Frank but I haven't had many ferrets to compare, I've only got seven seasons of ferreting behind me, my mate let me go out with him on his permission to see if I liked it before I commited to buying all my own ferreting equipment, well from the first time I went out, I loved it!!! it just felt like something I was meant to be doing, and loved catching my own tea. So he gave me two Jill ferrets to start me off, I bred Frank from Fidget one of the jills the next year. Frank grew into a massive hob but was the most gentle ferret, never bit me once or anybody else, my mate took
  11. Would you take the hobs out then and just leave the Jill's together, does it matter that only the one Jill would be having the kits? Have the Jill jab for the rest and also my hob is castrated?
  12. I'd separated my Jill about two weeks before she was due to give birth, but she hated it on her own, was proper stressed about it, just paced up and down. She had her kits on her due day the Monday, left her to it didn't look at them, could just hear them but Wedsnesday came and I couldn't hear a thing, so checked and three were dead and one barely alive, turns out my Jill had no milk to feed them, proper gutted about it, she's such a fantastic ferret, never bit me from being a kit, fantastic little worker, really small, often rabbits bolt with her attached to them. That was her first lit
  13. Chuffin hell Do you think we could use parcel force??
  14. Anybody bred any Albino Kits? Looking for a Hob, will be worked and well looked after, my ferrets live in a massive aviary. I live in West Yorkshire
  15. Number is working from website and new longnet ordered
  16. Does anybody know if he's still making them? tried the number, love the fast set Longnet and it's a lot lighter than some others Cheers
  17. I didn't mean it and it was a very shit thing for me to say! I was just hurt and angry by some of the replys that made me feel even worse than I already did! That day when I had to come home and leave my ferret out not knowing her fate was horrendous, If I could have dug 16ft I would have been doing it, not asking for advice on here, It was a new place to ferret and I want be repeating it.
  18. She's covered in ticks and got fleas! Never had fleas on a ferret before, but not thin to say she's been out for a week, but I had left ferret biscuits down for her. Still smiling. Thank you to all that gave me advice leaving my box, don't give up etc and to all the haters thinking I'm a heartless bitch I hope this happens to all oh no thats because you've all dug down 16ft trenches so you've all got experience and will be fine!
  19. No collar, Taught me to go to the next hole when putting them on
  20. Best news ever! Girl at stables checked where I left her box and she was sat at the side of it waiting! No collar but just so happy to get her back. Best feeling in the world!
  21. No sight of her and for you lot that are saying I should give up the game! you don't know me! I didn't just think sod it, it's just a ferret and walk a way, I dug down to five foot in desperation, and it wasn't at all easy to dig! and thought what the chuff am I doing! I'd never dig to 16ft. Sat there for hours wondering what to do, hoping she may appear. The warrens are located under trees and then raises up a steep bank, the locator was picking up the 16ft on the bank. I did look into hiring a mini digger but then I would have needed somebody to operate the digger and the owners of th
  22. Right been back today, locator picking up the exactly the same spot no movement! So best scenario it's just the collar or worst she's dead. I have called down the holes, all around the immediate area. Set up a box and getting a squirrel trap tomorrow. One of the stable girls said she was sure she saw something white moving in the corner of her eye whilst she was in the field with the horses, all girls on the lookout and post on Facebook Group for that area. Now I have to wait and hope she's not dead, I'm not arsed about the collar and defiantly not digging that far for it.
  23. If she's still in the same spot tomorrow, I will be looking for volunteers to help dig, so anybody local to Bradford Haha, I'll not sleep if I just leave her, fingers crossed she's moved
  24. Went out today and one of my ferrets is trapped I think behind a rabbit (guessing) over 16ft down! There was a lot of going back and forth same area 16ft to 12ft for ages then shes stopped still. We tried to dig down but the ground is horrendous and we could never have dug to 16ft don't even know why we tried. I couldn''t block the holes up there are loads of them! So I have left my fleece, and had to come home, girl at stables has just checked with the locator and she's still in the same place three hours later! Hoping she's asleep not dead. Going back tomorrow, just wanting re
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