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  1. Can you tell me on the paper work what dogs and bitches Levi bred?
  2. Like I said to you before seeing is believing
  3. With out good Lines no good WORKING Terrier truth
  4. Not having a go stig but yes the truth is very hard to come by
  5. You right if it come from John in the 80s it had BORDER in them. Ken bought two bull from south Ireland ex trial dogs put them in his pats and Russell's do not need to ask Stig
  6. Eyeball was back in the 80s thing again my friend ?
  7. They have all got one thing in common Bull
  8. I give this dog away has a Border pup and he is NOT Levi bred
  9. Have you got this dog out to stud for 450 pound a pop ? Kenny
  10. Thank you they not world beaters but I like them
  11. Go on to the THE HOME OF THE WORKING BORDER site a lot of border pup being sold
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