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  1. Hi, does anyone have a spare set of female HH feathers they could give/sell me? Thanks in advance Alex
  2. How come no one seems to have good working black eyed white ferrets any more? 15 years ago they seemed to be all over the place? Alex
  3. Never a truer word spoken. Spot on!!
  4. I have got my self 10 golf club shafts, does any one have any ideas how i can make them into poles? ie. where do i get grommets and how can i put a spike on the bottom? Cheers Alex
  5. i would go back to the dummy and the fur dummy and keep going intill she fully understands the fetch comand then keep changing what you send her for eg a teddy, keys, a bottle, peasant wings, then eventually she will understand that what ever you send her to retrieve she will bring back. then just send her to retieve cold game and if she fully understands what is required of her it should be plain saling :-/ alex
  6. Go back to basics, first make sure he understands what you want of him, call him in a small area and reward, do this repeatedly intill learnt, remember 1 comand only, then once learnt if he doesnt respond scruff him and take him to where you said the comand and repeat in a stern voice. never let the pup get away with ignoring your comand. good luck Alex
  7. There must be more than 3 or four people out there with these dogs, I am finding mine an absulute pleasure to have so far, cheers Alex
  8. I have a little bitch here out of Alex and i am really pleased with her, I just wanted to hear from some other folk who also have one. Alex
  9. Does any one have a dog out of hancocks Alex? if so what sort of sizes did they make or any pics? I dont want to start another hancock slagging match, just interested in info on the above breeding. Thanks in advance to those who help me in my quest for info Alexc
  10. I am due to pick a pup in the next week or so, What do people look for when choosing a pup? I dont mean personality wise i mean build and feet mainly. If you have 8 pups and some are going to turn out heavy and some racey are there any ways of telling them apart at a young age? Cheers Alex
  11. Well i already have a girl here with a touch of collie in her, she is perfect and does all i ask of her, the problem is she has smashed 3 toes on the same foot and the injurys are re occuring so i fancy something trainable and solid, i am a bit scared to go for a half cross because of all i here about the lack of speed and the sensetive nature of them, but also think a 1/4 would be a little risky as i only run rabbits on quite rough ground. I have found a litter that is lurcher 2 lurcher where the pups come out 3/8 5/8.
  12. the only lurcher is a collie greyhound.. all the rest are longdogs... brains of the working collie and speed of the coursing greyhound... So beddy/greys, beddy/whips, deerhound/greys, bull/greys, etc etc are longdogs infact I don,t know why I am replying to that stupid fookin comment couldnt agree more
  13. There must be some people out there who experienced difficulties and overcame them, or even people who have some interesting storys about the training of this canine super mind. I am also perticularly interested in around the house, things like tempement with children, herding instincs and over possesive behavour that you so often hear about with pure collies? Also the entering to quarry, would i be right in saying the more collie in the mix the harder this can be? Thanks to all the people who have already replied Alex
  14. How do you disiplin them then? I have trained spaniels, pointers and lurchers before and at some point i have had to scruff/bollock them, just wandered what people do with really sensitive types?
  15. Hi, I often hear of Collie blooded lurchers being of a sensitive disposition, what do people mean by this and how does it affect the training of them? I am also interested to hear about peoples experiance of training these type of lurchers, ie; sucsefull methods and problems encountered and ways to over come them. Thanks for your help Alex
  16. Great post, lovely looking dog too, i think you are spot on, good luck
  17. I would insist it!! you should train your dog how you require him to be trained, i got mixed up with some trailing people and found my self taking there advice and it was all a waste of time as i dont trail! You would ask a spaniel to drop while rough shooting so why not a gsp? I have a litter of GSP's here if you know any one who is after one? Cheers Alex
  18. That sounds like you had your work cut out, is that common for this cross? Did you get him from a well known large breeder of this cross from the midlands? At least the important bits going well! cheers alex
  19. Tell me more? why is he difficult to live with? Just thinkin one of these my self. Cracking looking dog!!
  20. German pointer all the way, far more of a pleasure to work and a dream to train. Just so happens i have a litter here at the moment.
  21. One of the cracking gsp pups i have here
  22. some cracking looking dogs there lads
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