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  1. sounds like an interesting cross, good luck with them
  2. well done [bANNED TEXT], far to many good ferrets in recue centers around the uk, its a great way to get ferrets. I have had some real crackers from those sort of places.
  3. I used to keep a hob in the house for years he smelled a bit but was litter trained and a pleasure to own. alex
  4. i would but to far mate!
  5. i am in somerset, ill keep my eyes open good luck
  6. a promising looking night

  7. Does any one have any tips on how i can start to kennel my 3 dogs that have been kept in the house for most of their lives? The mrs has finally got the better of me and the kennels go up tomorrow. I am dredding it so any tips that might make the transition go a bit smoother would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Alex
  8. 4001alex

    gsp stud

    I am looking for a good working gsp stud in south/south west england, if you can help pm me cheers alex
  9. If any one has a good working gsp stud that is in the south/ south west england pm me cheers Alex
  10. If you had a good budget and wated a top notch double kennel that was as secure as you can get where woulod you get it from?
  11. i am from sommerset and prepared to travel as far as i have to really.
  12. Hi cheers for that they look awsome, its a long way away though so if any one knows of anything closer i would be very greatfull. Its the second toe in from the left on the left foot, i have been resting her since jan last year then i spent a good couple of months slowly getting her fit and building her up, first run on a bunny a couple of nighs ago after some good rain so the ground had given a bit and its all swollen again? i am toattally stuck on what to do. would taking it off affect her running? or the other toes? cheers alex
  13. Come on, someone must be able to help me, it's a toe injury that my vet says there is nothing I can do about and I need a second opinion.
  14. how about a greyhound/lurcher vet anywhere?
  15. Does anyone know of a greyhound lurcher vet in the south west? And if so could I have the details. Cheers
  16. I just wandered how you guys choose your pups? How do you tell good feet in a 8 week old pup? and what do you look for in a pup and why? cheers alex
  17. thats just an anti infamitry i think
  18. what exactly is bone radial? i have a bitch recoveribg from a broken toe and i have never heard of it. cheers alex
  19. What is bone radial, where do I get it and how do you use it, cheers guys.
  20. that happens to my younger dogs aswell, i just take it real slow and build it up then they seem fine.
  21. dont all the herding breeds have a rear dew claw?
  22. salters energy in the season, beata maintainance in the summer
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