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  1. Hi, i Was wandering what sort of fitnes training people do when getting there dogs ready for the season. I have done some work on the roads on a push bike and i ended up with the dog getting blisters on her feet, is that normal or was i doing something wrong? how long would it normally take to get a dog fit and ready for a hard night out? thanks for your help alex
  2. beta greyhound is what i use have you wormed the bitch yea she is all wormed and been checked out by a vet, ill try the beta grey hound, i currently using the standard beta food which i use for my pointer. Are running dogs generly picky eaters? i have only kept gundog breads before and never encountered this before thanks alex
  3. I have recently taken on a 13 month old bitch, said to be whippet collie/ grey whipet saluki. she is what i would say is quite under weight and i am really struggling to get her to eat a great deal. i was wandering if any one had any advice as to a good way of putting a bit of weight on to her and any advice on what diet you feed your lurchers. thanks alex
  4. i see, that makes sence, i am interested in them, i will wait to here from you.
  5. forgive me if i am wrong but wouldnt they be less than 1/4 collie if dad is only 3/8??
  6. I am liking the sound of that, tell me more
  7. no where is to far for the right dog, what you thinkin?
  8. south west [bANNED TEXT], not far from bristol
  9. Hi I am really struggling to find a decent breeder of collie/greyhounds, can any one point me in the right direction, ideally i want 3/8 collie and somthing well socilized which rules out you know who, i dont want a slagging match just some straight forward help, cheers for your help in advance alex
  10. could anyone give me any tips/do's and donts about teaching a young collie cross to retrieve. thanks alex
  11. hi what i dog!! that is one of the nicest i have seen, who bred her? cheers alex
  12. hi, when you say alrounder do you mean they are good on the lamp aswell? How are yours with other dogs? cheers alex
  13. forgive me for my ignorance, if tweedle dum is 3/4 collie what would that make your new pup?
  14. cheers 4 your help, you have told me what i wanted to hear. i still want to hear any one elses stories of these breeds thanks alex
  15. thanks for your responce, would i be right in saying the 3/8 would be slightly smaller? what sort on hight would you expect a bitch of both to make? Also as i have other dogs would you advise more or less collie for a less quarrelsome charge? cheers alex
  16. Could any one with experiance of the 1/4 and 3/8 collie grey hound give me some info on the diferences between the two that you would expect ie. size, speed, general temprement and anything else that would be of interest. Thanks again for your help alex
  17. always someone trying to spoil a thread he is 4yrs old really good dog and he is Hancock Cracking looking dog, What breeding is he? cheers alex
  18. cheers guys, any one got any more, specificly anything broken coated. alex
  19. Nice looking bitch, are they both the same cross?
  20. Hi, I dont want to start a big slagging match or anything, i was just wandering if any one with a hancock dog would put some pics up with some info of the breeding and parents. cheers alex
  21. Cheers for all your help, its good to hear some possitive stuff, would you all agree that i have made the best choice of cross? Its going to be my first lurcher although i have 2 other dogs, i spaniel for the gun and a pointer for the hawk. Also does anyone have any advice on how such a cross would get on with my other 2? I have heard some stories about 3 dogs being kept together causing fighting? thanks again alex
  22. Hi I am looking for a breeder of 3/4 greyhound 1/4 collie, i want somthing with a rough coat from working parents, the only place i keep coming back to is hancock and having read all the posts on here regarding him and his farm i would like some advice on where else to go? cheers alex
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