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  1. This is Jess my 24 month old bitch , she is a 24 inches tall 5/8 Greyhound 3/8 Collie, who bred her does not matter to either her or me, but what she is does. While she is no record breaker , and when compared to some of the feats of other gifted & talented dogs and their owners on this site . She is eager to please ,is intelligent & biddable ,has a good turn of speed, good feet , steady around livestock & never once opened up , and has taken both fur & feather, while mooching around in daylight. I am in my mid 50’s as such one of the older crowd, cold dark nights on the
  2. Thanks for the response guy's I will now cancel the appointment with the doctor.... Cheers
  3. Just come back from a walk / mooch where my 8 month old Collie x Greyhound put up what appeared to be a mature Black fox??? which was away under some security fencing after a 25 yd scurry. Should I be going to the doctor and requesting a change in medication or do they exist.
  4. For me this string has been very helpful as I am looking for a collie /grayhound lurcher pup and visited Hancocks just last week to talk about putting my name down for a pup. I understand that there is no guarentee of what its going to turn out like , but for me I would like to go down the route of similar type to Hancocks dogs but with a pup from perents that are actualy working . So if anyone has collie x pups for sale June time drop me a line. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.....
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