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  1. alright lads anyone have any good bull x whippets and any info of them as id be intrested in crossing my bitch with one when the times right...what are they like speed wise and i presume theyd do a fox on their own preban ? stick up some pics if he have any atb ferretman
  2. anyone have any terriers that are just hunting cover or do they just end up going to ground? if anyone has any pics of just mooching terrier stick em up atb matthew
  3. nice pics bud like the looka that fawn dog
  4. as above lads and lassies whats the tallest terrier ye have seen to ground ? i have a 18wks old black patt x red fell neither of them overly leggy but my litle sh*t is 13'' tts already
  5. hi all just wondering does the pieps dsp tour work with the new b&f recharagable collars ? atb ferretman
  6. just wondering how far ye walk yer lurchers everyday....not sure if im doing enough
  7. id reccomend hounds terriers and running dogs by the warrener
  8. looks like a good place pity about the dogs tho
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