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  1. Definatly keep the power pack seperate you can just focus more on the actual lamp instead of over complicating things
  2. Never ever been a numbers guy every fish i catch im over the moon with Im just about to start lure fishing for pollock something i have never done but it looks a very intense style of fishing you either get it away from the kelp or you loose haha So hopefully i will have a few pics i can share on sunday afternoon
  3. Do you know the name of the 1 between Alnwick and Longfram i am 6 mile past wooler so its pretty close
  4. I would be interested in a pup if she takes could you keep me in mind please
  5. Thanks alot lads for the advice Cheers for the offer Jonjon
  6. Thank you pal Ive done nothing as yet but will try giving it a pull through are the specific clean kits for Air rifles Just the breach is so small on this i would be worried i damage the inner barrel
  7. Alright lads I have just pulled the Raider 10 shot back out from under the bed where it has been for over a year. I took it to 1 of my permissions to see how it was firing now theres a gun room in my village and the guy suggested using a tin of VMX Pell 14.66 grain so i paid my money and went on my way. Once I finally got set up and started letting a few go I soon realised the grouping was poor the first 10 through i thought it was mabey down to me but the next 2 sets of 10 were the same. The Grouping was slightly larger than a 2 pence piece at 30 yards and no wind at all. I know this is not d
  8. bryson


    Did any of you lads happen to watch the Wilder fight early this morning. He was very average in my eyes if it wasnt for his power he would have nothing just been another hype train
  9. fair play to you and like i said earlier I hope it turns out good for you
  10. Bonnie looking pup for sure Now I dont want to offend but why did you use Romeo I have asked a few different lads and still have no answer it seems he is getting hyped up because he chucks nice pups what ever hes put too Alot of people who dont own a romeo pup tell me the dog is shite and is a hype job cant kill a decent hare You would think with how many times hes been used for stud there would be alot more running from him but no nothing very quiet but i supoose he dont need to run him and ruin his name when he can sit in a kennel and get close to a grand for a mating
  11. Last night was my last it was not meant to be until I cleaned the catch out Rabbit had 6 young and the other thing had 2 young very close to being born. Im kind of glad its me done its the worst season i have had in a long time due to loosing the damm to my pup then 3 week later the sire I got from the mighty WHIN broke its leg bad and after 4 month of trying and close to 2 grand spent had to have him put down gutted Anyway bring on the shows haha
  12. Looking for a couple of jills Northumberland area I have just got some new permission on some big horse paddocks and my 2 hobs are just too big for the job Cheers
  13. haha one of the best posts i have seen on here in a long time. Now this computer is going away and my 2 boys are going conker hunting lol thank you
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