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  1. I read in some book that a gamekeeper hand reared a woodcock, give it a go, fairplay on you, having respect for our quarry, as someone said put your foot on it, no-wonder we get bad press. Let us know how you get on!
  2. I looked at one and it looked cheap and nasty, the barrel rib on top seemed to have a curve in it!
  3. Il try and stick a few of him working this season on here. Cant wait!
  4. When i poped into the gunshop, the guy said there are far more foxes shot with a 22 lr than any other calibre, however i have been calling them in to shoot with the shotgun, but the local farm has kids sleeping at night and i dont want to go blasting through the dead of the night. Is there many guns available on 22 hornet? And also as i have filled the application out, should i leave the calibre slot empty and send it too them attached with a letter explaining why? Thanks for the replies guys!
  5. 22 hornet, na didnt think, what is the minimum normally passed? I did ask the feo, but he said he couldnt see a problem but he also didnt seem bothered!
  6. Hi guys, I will be putting in for my fac next month, just after some advice really, I need a rifle for foxing, And i aint sure whether to go for 22 lr or 223? I know they are two totally different guns but, one farm is 500 acre farm with open fields and the other is a 50 acre farm with a forest and public footpath going through it, although the path is a ramblers type of path. I need the rifle to keep foxes off the two farms because i have been putting game down. I would like to go for the 223 but I think im asking a lot on a first grant.
  7. In the biginning he was coming on well, and then he hit a stage and i was at witts end! I really really regretted buying a hpr, but then he seemed to just come on leaps and bounds, i think its just in the breeds mentality, I wouldnt have any other dog except for say a gwp or maybe a vizsla, I`m sure he will be brilliant after a few seasons and varied work, I got him sitting for say 10minutes while i wash the kennel out and potch about, he is like a friend, i dont give him any tolerance, if i tell him to sit or turn on the whistle he will turn, but he comes to work in the van and sits in the fl
  8. This is my german shorthair pointer dog, brock. He is 15months old, from sanjon, swifthouse lines. I have been training him as a rough shooting dog and is coming on really well, does all the basics, recalls, drops to shot, drops at a distance, directions, etc. I am hoping to use him also as a companion out foxing, on the rifle. I did plan to use him with a bird, but as I cannot bring myself to buy another hawk that will not happen. He has just started to be worked now and again, without gun just to get him pointing, but its a job to find game, but he will point woodies in the trees.
  9. and people wonder why hpr`s get a bad name.
  10. If i was in your shoes, i would forget about what bird etc, first think do i have the time to put in with the bird? And land, what game do you have? There is no point having a sports car with no road to run it on. There are far to many birds for sale due to no-time + loss of permission, its a sad state of affairs as I am sure some of these birds are crackers or have the potential to be, but are regarded as other peoples problems. Notwanting to offend anyone, just my opinion.
  11. yes i would agree, no spaniel or lab dvd`s. Tom brechney is also bringing out a new dvd from pup to polished gundog but rory major ones are good, from paul french dvd.
  12. listen mate, I dont have a neighbouring shoot hence the thread, if there was i would be on it.
  13. one thing comes to mind "dont fix it if it aint broke."
  14. I should be alrite because the neighbouring farms have given me the go-ahead today and the nearest shoot is roughly 25 miles away. And hopefully should have 5 hens and a cock bird given to me aswell!
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